Make Money Using Expired Domains To Set Up Pay Per Post Blogs

Expired domains can mean big money for you if you know which ones to look for. But there is more than one way to make money from them, and starting a blog is one of the best ones when it comes to attracting traffic and making money from it.

But how do you get started? You’ll be pleased to know it’s fairly easy to get going, and once you’re used to the process you can set up more than one blog to really rake in the cash.

So you want to make money blogging? This is one of the best ways to do it. Firstly you need to look for an expired domain (we’ll assume you’re going to set up a single blog here, although once you’ve gone through the process once you’ll be setting up more in no time). These are easy to find – all you need to do is type ‘how to find expired domains’ into a search engine and you’ll get plenty of results for websites that allow you to search for a specific keyword for free.

Once you found one for a keyword that is likely to gain a lot of traffic, you need to buy it. Go to the cheapest source you can find for domain names and make sure you can register plenty with them, since you’ll be buying a few more once you realize how easy this is to do!

Your next task is to set up a good quality blog which relates to the keyword(s) in the domain name. This is very important since it will be necessary to be accepted into the Pay Per Post program once your blog is thirty days old, and if you break any of their rules (which include not writing original posts and only sticking to posts that are there for the primary purpose of making money) your blog won’t be accepted. So long as you write some good and original content that is there simply to help and inform others about your subject, you should be fine.

The thirty day period also gives you the chance to make sure you have put at least ten posts on your blog (the minimum requirement) and started to attract some traffic as well.

Once you’ve reached that stage – and been accepted into the Pay Per Post program – you can start blogging for money. This works by accepting an opportunity to blog about a product or service which is relevant to the subject of your blog. Every blog post you accept and are paid for can be worth a minimum of $5 to you – and sometimes a lot more.

So you can see what the next step will be, can’t you? You’ll need to have completed ten successful posts to your blog before you can think about getting another one approved with them, but that gives you plenty of time to find another expired domain name on a popular subject that you can set up another blog with.

After a while you’ll get used to which subjects pay the most on Pay Per Post, so you can maximize your earnings while expanding your knowledge of fertile subjects. And don’t forget that you can still add your own affiliate links to your blogs as well, just so long as every post you make isn’t designed to bring in money for you.

Fancy getting started? Well before you do, why not post a comment in the form below? Then you’re free to go domain hunting and see what you can find…


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