Make Money Rebuilding Expired Domains

Some of the ideas in this blog are built around reaping the benefits from something that already exists instead of building something from scratch. A great example of this is rebuilding expired domains

There are thousands upon thousands of people who don’t renew their domain names for some reason; either they simply forget or they no longer want to run the site in question. What we’re interested in here is the fact that some of these domains were previously pulling in a lot of traffic for the site concerned, and they therefore make it possible to replicate the previous success of that site by building one of your own.

The first step for this money making idea is to find expired domains that were already receiving a decent amount of traffic. There are several sites online that auction off expired domains to the highest bidder, and once you’ve got your first one you can then start to build a site very similar to the one that previously existed.

These domain name sites will tell you which domains are expiring on the day you visit the site, as well as presenting a list of names which have already expired. This makes it easy to see at a glance whether there is anything which would be of interest to you.

It’s important not to build an exact copy here; simply identify the elements that made the previous site successful (as well as the domain name of course) and create something of your own which is even better than what was there previously.

The great thing about rebuilding an expired domain is that you already know it has done well in the past. This gives you a head start on building something you know will attract traffic. By doing some keyword research (and researching the subject in general to see which aspects of it will prove to be the most popular) you can really hit the ground running and start drawing in traffic almost from day one.

Depending on the subject of the domain, you can monetize it by selling relevant items off the site. By joining Commission Junction or a similar affiliate website you will be able to sell anything from vacation packages, DVDs, toys, games, computer peripherals… you name it, you’ll be able to find a service or product that you can sell via your site in return for a portion of the profits. There is also Google Adsense of course, which will let you display relevant ads on your site and receive an income from the clicks you get.

The best way to make sure your site remains popular is to keep it updated frequently. Add new content and articles where appropriate and monitor the performance of different products and adverts to ensure you are getting the highest amount of revenue possible.

As far as building a profitable website is concerned, you can get into profit much faster by relying on an expired domain rather than choosing your own.

If you are itching to see what’s just expired and available for you to buy, why not go and have a look right now? Leave us a comment in the box below first though!


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