Make Money Generating Leads for Local Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are always looking for new properties to sell, but have you ever thought about making some money helping them with this task?

It might sound like an unlikely proposition, but in truth this could lead to a good way of making money. There are plenty of ways that you can find new business for them – all you need to do is find a local agent who is willing to let you show them what you can do.

And that is where this article comes in.

It’s obvious that you will need a proper plan in place before you approach any real estate agents, because you don’t want to walk in and simply say a few things without having a convincing argument to get their attention.

A good way to get started online is to build a website you can monetize with or without any business from a real estate agent. If you build a good informational website about what to do when you are in the market to buy a new house, you can put some relevant ads on it for your local area and then slant the site more accurately towards your area when you have some interest from a real estate agent.

You could agree a finder’s fee for every new client you send to them. One way to do this is to have people email you or contact your site if they are interested in speaking to a local real estate agent, and then you can pass on the leads to the agent and bill them for each one.

You can also market this service offline by leafleting your local area and including the agent’s phone number on each leaflet. You would need to include a reference number for them to quote on each one so the agent would know that the lead came from you, otherwise you could miss out on some commission.

It’s clear that you need to find a real estate agent you trust and that you would get on well with, if you are to build a working relationship that will benefit the both of you. You may also find that you are keener to build awareness of them either online or off, depending on your own personal preferences. If you are very skilled at building good websites and you feel confident that you could attract more business for them online, then play to your strengths otherwise you could look more like an amateur. The same goes in reverse too – if you don’t know one end of a computer from the other when it comes to finding leads and attracting the right audience then stick with your offline efforts.

In the end you will need to discuss what the real estate agent would prefer as well. They may have additional ideas for bringing in new clients in various ways, and if you can come to an agreement on terms then you could end up doing very well indeed.

If you are already straying away from this blog to get you telephone directory out to look for agents, then by all means get started! Please leave a comment by using the form below first though! Thanks.


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