Make Money By Parking Expired Domains

So what do you do once you’ve bought a domain name? Build a website around it and hopefully make some money by providing quality content and Adsense ads, right?

Well you can do it that way but you can also buy domains to use for an entirely different reason – and it generally involves a lot less work.

Parking expired domains is a way that you can earn a nice stream of income from doing absolutely nothing. Read on to find out more.

Tons of domain names are expiring every single day, and each one represents an opportunity for you to make money. Provided you know which types of domain to buy in the first place you can soon start generating a significant income from this type of activity.

It stands to reason that the more popular the domain name is, the more traffic it will get. A domain name which contains a hugely popular keyword or words, such as ‘credit cards’ for example, will get loads of traffic – and it is these domains you want to get hold of when they expire.

Get yourself registered with a domain provider who doesn’t charge a fortune for selling domains and which also provides a domain parking service. You’ll need to find a company that also lets you park a large number of domains, because when you get started you’ll want to carry on!

The whole premise of domain name parking is that you don’t build a website around your domain. Parking basically refers to putting a single page up, which is supposed to stay there and earn some money for you while you are building the website that will replace it.

But we’re not interested in building a site. All we need to do is monetize that page and profit from the traffic it will receive. If you’ve chosen your domain name properly – according to the most popular keywords that are searched for every minute of every day online – you will immediately get traffic to your page. You can in essence start profiting from the traffic that the domain name was already pulling in.

So how do you monetize your page?

Most domain providers that have a domain parking service will provide you with the tools you need to monetize your page. Just as you would with Google Adsense, it is important that you closely target the people who are going to find your page through the search engines. So for example if your domain contains the words ‘top credit cards’, you would make your page as attractive as possible to people who are looking for the best credit cards.

By using the best keyword combinations you can find (try using a free keyword tool online – there are plenty of them available) you will be able to choose the best performing keywords for that particular subject. It may take a bit of trial and error to reach the optimum performance but you will learn from that experience and it’s a great feeling watching your earnings from every ad your visitors click on go up and up!

Once you have got one domain parked and bringing in money, you can start searching for others to buy. It’s a good idea to start slowly and buy one or two domains at a time; once you have parked a few and you’ve got the gist of how it works you can start thinking about buying more. Some people end up with hundreds and are raking in cash every day without lifting a finger to do it.

That’s the beauty of making money with this method – it’s totally automated once you’ve done the initial setting up of the domain and the advertising.

Sounds good? Before you rush off to get started, post your comments in the form below. Maybe you can come back and post again to let us know how well you’re doing once you’ve got your first couple of domains parked and earning money for you!


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