Make money by keeping a travel journal

Today, many travelers can make a bit of money on the side by simply uploading their travel journals to the Internet. Here are some ways to make money with a travel journal.

Travelers long have written diary entries to remember their personal experiences on the road. However, there’s actually a big market for this type of writing, and if you can’t publish it in a publishing house, you can often times publish yourself on the Internet. People like to read stories from the vantage points of other people, and often times your nonfiction will read with the excitement of fictional stories.

Your online options

You can easily put out your travel journal for friends and family by using the free blog service. There are many blog services around like blogger, or WordPress. If you want to host your own website, you can do that as well and publish it in a WordPress document. You can make money by putting advertising on your website and collect a following. There are many ways to monetize your website. If you need help monetizing a website, there are many people willing to help you for a fee.

Print options and Kindle

You can also print your document for offline production by simply taking your manuscript and printing it yourself. You can also create a kindle version of your materials. There are many services out that that do this for you at a very cost-effective price. You could print out some hardbound copies to show to your friends and family before you bring it into higher production numbers. The best thing about online printing services is you can order in very low quantity batches, which allows you to print at will, and when there are orders coming in.

Using a printing service is very easy and you prepare your own manuscript. You can often get an editor to read it for a fee. Of course, the majority of written material produced using this method is not profitable for the author. However, if you master the art of selling by going with word of mouth, it is an easy way to sell to your entire neighborhood and your community. In fact, they might even appreciate your efforts to keep them in the loop. It is also very exciting to read a book published by someone you know.

You can easily bring something to print and sell it on Amazon these days. You could sell it at a local book shop, as well as some novelty local stores that you are close with. Why not put it at the local ice cream shop? This is for the small town option. If you want to sell your book in an urban area, the best thing to do is to sell it to a community that you belong to. Perhaps the people at church are curious about what you have to offer. You could also give it away to people as well, in the hopes that they will buy another copy for someone else.


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