Make Money By Hosting Your Own Fantasy Sports League

Some of the best money making ideas are those which come from something you already love – such as a hobby for example. You stand more chance of making a lot of money from something you enjoy than you do by simply picking something you think will make you money.

Lots of people are into some kind of sport, and you can actually make money from your own favorite sport by creating a fantasy league around it. Some sports will naturally attract more attention than others, but you stand a good chance of doing well whichever one you pick.

While there are professional websites and other places that run fantasy sports leagues, other ones are run equally as well by individuals. You could design your own league among your co-workers, or even involve members of your family if you wish.

You could also do this via a website and charge people to become a member of the league, granting them access to members’ only areas of the site where they can pick their own teams and see how well they do.

The most popular fantasy sports leagues usually involve football, and the idea here would be for people to pay a fee to pick their own team before the season starts. You can set up this league in such a way as to offer prizes of various kinds; for example you could offer a prize for the player who scores the most goals in a season, dividing it between all the people who have that player in their team.

If you are going to run this professionally as a website then it is well worth buying some software that will manage all the numbers and data on your behalf. You can do it yourself and indeed some people enjoy doing that, but it can be a lot of work. Unless you have the passion to keep your records up to date on a regular basis it’s probably better to invest in the software.

It’s obviously essential to know a lot about the sport you have chosen, in order that the sports league is run in the proper way. You should know about each individual player (whatever sport they may play) so that you can effectively value each one. This is essential to make sure that people are able to choose their own players according to the overall budget you have set for them to use.

As the real life sport gets underway the results obtained will affect the results of your fantasy sports league, giving some players an edge over others as the season progresses. In the case of football, the number of goals that each player scores, along with various other factors, will influence the final outcome of each member of the league, and eventually one player will be left with the winning score, which should warrant a prize which is determined in advance of the league getting underway.

It’s obvious that you will need to manage the league every step of the way, because if you get behind you will find it extremely difficult and time consuming to catch up again.

But if there is a sport that you love then you might just be able to make a nice second income from your love of it. Leave us a comment below – perhaps to suggest some sports other than football which would work well – and then get started on a fantasy league of your own.


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