Make Money By Building A Portfolio Of Established Websites

There are lots of ways to build an income from a website, but not all of them involve selling something direct to your customer. It’s also not necessary to build a significant income from one site alone – in fact, there are plenty of people who rake in a lot of money from having built up a range of websites on all kinds of different subjects.

The trick is to create a template that works, and then repeat, repeat, repeat… Read on to find out more about how to do just that.

The great thing about having your own website is that you can make money from it in lots of different ways – and most of that income can be made twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

So let’s start with your first website. You need to build it around a subject that will always be popular – subjects like earning more money, working from home, various financial products, credit cards, that kind of thing. There are also plenty of niche topics that will bring in a smaller but more focused audience that you can make a lot of money from, so it’s worth doing some research around your hobbies and interests to see how many people are interested in the same thing.

Use a keyword tool to work out what the best keywords are to use, and choose a domain name that uses some of these in a logical way. Once you’ve got your domain name registered and you’re ready to build your website, you need to monetize it to provide you with an income. Google Adsense is an obvious start, but you should also join sites such as Commission Junction and ClickBank so you can offer various relevant products to your visitors.

You can put display ads and banners on your site to link directly into certain products and services, but you can also make good use of text links. You should make the effort to write articles which are optimized to attract search engine traffic, and then insert relevant text links which lead from certain keywords to that specific product, which you will then earn a commission on whenever someone buys one.

While you will benefit from search engine traffic it will pay to promote your website as much as you can. When you are writing content to put on your site, write some similar pieces that you can submit to article directories with a link back to your website, to provide some free publicity.

Take the time to make sure your first site is established, but while you do that you should also spend some time looking for another subject area to build your next site around. Make sure you have a web host that allows you to host a lot of sites, since you will soon be building and promoting more than you might think!

So long as your income from each site exceeds your outgoings for web hosting and renewing your domain name when necessary, you’ll be in profit with each and every one. And the great thing is that the more you do, the more knowledge you will amass about what works and what doesn’t. A simple tweak to the layout of your website can result in increased profits, so make sure you use all the knowledge you have to boost your income.

Before you know it you’ll have a huge portfolio of established websites, each bringing in a stream of income for you every day that will keep going regardless of what else you might be doing. Building your next site perhaps?

Time to get started then! But before you do, feel free to post your comments below and share your experiences of this money making opportunity. Good luck!


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