Make Money By Branding New Domains For Sale

Branding is an extremely important part of any business process, and this is where you come in with this particular money making idea.

Quite often people have great plans for a website on a certain theme, but making the journey from the idea to the reality is harder than they first think. If someone could only get them started they’d be willing to pay for the service… and that’s the service you are going to provide here.

Branding new domains gives people a firm base to build on, rather than simply buying a domain name and having to start from scratch themselves. If you are good at spotting profitable domains and you like building basic sites from the ground up, you can make a lot of money in this area. Read on to find out more.

This way of making money starts with a good domain name. Do some research to find out what areas are bringing in lots of traffic and generating a lot of interest, and then buy a domain name which is either catchy or has some relevant keywords in it.

Once you have the name you need to build a site around it, but we’re not talking about a big comprehensive site here. We’re talking about perhaps no more than a page or two.

What you are doing is creating a buzz around what other people could do with a domain name and a site like this. So in essence your website will be little more than an advert for the domain name.

When people go online, search for a related term and your website comes up, they will see a well constructed page which features the name of the site (ie. the domain name) and a good layout which could be put to good use by the person who eventually buys the site. You could also create the site as a blog, writing a single post for it outlining what is for sale.

In essence what you are doing here is more than just selling a domain name. You are selling a whole package – a package which will be more attractive than simply selling the name on its own, because you are giving people a head start on creating their own site through supplying an outline of how the website could look.

And because you are selling a package deal, you can sell it at a much higher price. Some people sell branded domains for several hundred dollars each, depending on how popular the subject is and how much work they have put into what they have created so far.

You can also design a logo to go along with the domain name, or get a professional to design one for you. You can then reclaim the price of the logo in the cost of the package.

Once you’ve successfully bought a few domains and sold them on as packages, you will have a better idea of any particular subject areas that you are good at branding. You could set up your own website promoting your services and either concentrate on a few hot topics or try promoting anything and everything to see what sells the best.

But before you race out and start looking for saleable domains, leave us a comment in the box below. And good luck!


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