Make Money By Being A Registrar Reseller

There are plenty of different ways to become an affiliate online, but the first thing that most people think of is e-books. Very few people would consider making a commission from selling domain names, and yet it is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make money.

What’s more it is also a great way to monetize a website or blog if you happen to be promoting items which are already related to domains. As such it’s a great way to bring in another revenue stream if you are already involved with or thinking about some other ways to make money online.

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Who do you go to when you need to buy a domain name? That’s obvious – you’d go to a domain registrar.

But if you have bought a domain name in the past, have you ever been aware of how you have found that domain registrar in the first place? Some people find them through search engines, some find them because they happen to have known about a specific one to begin with, and others find them via other websites and recommendations.

And it is this third aspect that we are interested in, because that is how you can get started as a registrar reseller.

Basically it works as a referral scheme. You refer people to buy domains from a particular registrar, and when they buy one or more you get a percentage of the proceeds. All you need to do is direct people to that site through your own unique referral link, which the registrar will give you once you sign up to be part of the service.

Every domain registrar works slightly differently, but you can get around 50% commission from many of them, and it’s often free to sign up for the service. They may also give you a number of banners and promotional links that you can use to drive traffic to their website.

This is an ideal money making opportunity to think about if you have a website that is dedicated to a subject relating to websites where people are likely to want to get their own domain names as well. The same goes for writing a blog.

Some domain registrars also have a wholesale service which is ideal if you are prepared to set up a whole business surrounding the supply of domain names and hosting as well, although this is much more involved and you will need to be able to provide phone support and other such services as well.

The best route for many people is to be an affiliate seller and let the main company do all the work for you. In this way becoming a registrar reseller enables you to make some easy money for doing very little work at all, once you have set up the links that will make you money.

If this idea appeals to you then you need to start by searching for a domain registrar that offers a good commission program. There are plenty of them about, so search for ones in your own country and see which one pays the best and offers the best service for your clients.

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