Make And Sell Hand Made Jewelry

If you enjoy crafts and you have an eye for detail then you could make a nice income for yourself selling hand made items of jewelry.

Most people who sell their jewelry have a style of some kind that they hone over time, and it’s that style that they become known for. This is certainly an area where you should take your time to develop a business, because you will learn more as a result and be rewarded with a better income too.

But if you get it right, this is one business that can make you money both online and off.

Hand made jewelry has a charm and attraction that most mass produced jewelry just doesn’t have. What’s more, people will pay a premium for something that is unique and not seen everywhere. Depending on the way you want to develop your business you can either design items and produce them in very small amounts (perhaps making each one just slightly different in the process), or specialize in making real ‘one offs’ that are commissioned by individual customers.

There are lots of ways you can sell your jewelry too, and the beauty of it is that it is easy to send through the mail, since it is small, light and cheap to mail to people.

You should have a website to promote your goods, and if you set it up so that you can accept secure payments over the internet you can sell directly from it as well. Always put your contact information on there in order to open up the possibility of someone getting in touch for a specialized order.

If you don’t want to launch into having your own website in the beginning, think about using eBay or Etsy to sell your jewelry on. Etsy in particular is known for hand made goods of all kinds, and jewelry does very well on here. You can also open a shop on the site completely free of charge.

But don’t just stick to online markets to find customers. Get some business cards made up with your website address or Etsy store name and URL on them, and take them (along with your jewelry!) to every local craft fair and gathering you can find. Not only will you sell some jewelry, you might also pick up some commissions – not to mention the fact that you’ll be able to promote your online store and your business as a whole during the event.

Make every effort to display your jewelry in the best way possible. Silver jewelry looks very effective against a black or blue velvet background, for example. Experiment at home and use stands of varying heights to display things so that they can be seen better from a distance as well.

You won’t make instant riches with a home made jewelry business, but over the long term you could develop a strong customer base that will reward you in more ways than one. It’s also a great way to start a business around your current job. You can take your time to hone your skills and build a business, all the while secure in the knowledge that you have a full time income to pay the bills.

So why not think about your first few designs right now? There’s no time like the present – or at least five minutes time, after you have left us a comment below!


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