Everyone has something to say in Anno1777 and the best way to do it is with a magazine. To start this company you need  to go to “My Companies” tab ,then “Open” tab and finallly “Open” new magazine . It will cost you 2 euro so you will need to have this ammount in your wallet.The company will have 1 branch and 1 workplace active.

What do i need to make it work ?

– We will assume you have already chosen a name and a description for your newspaper, so the next thing we need to do is to aquire a magazine “means of production” , we can do that by selecting the “Machines” tab and then “Magazines Means of Production” tab from the dropdown menu, we will buy one, for our newly created company, make sure you have invested the necessary amount of money first as you will not pay from your personal wallet but from your company wallet.

– Next step will be to aquire the raw materials so we can start manufacturing our newspapers, Magazine Mean of production uses “Paper” as raw material , to buy paper we will go to the “Goods” tab then “Raw materials” and we select “Paper” from the dropdown menu and buy 20 mp , they should be enough for now , the money will be withdrawn from your company wallet.  With a quality 1  “magazine mean of production” we can produce 200 newspapers.

-We have aquired the necessary tools and the raw materials all we need now is to hire a worker , to speed up things we’ll go to the jobs tab and check the the salaries being paid in your current region, let’s assume it’s 2 points we will set for our company a salary of  2.1 to get us at top of the list. To do that go to “My Companies” tab then “Management” ,”Administration” and select “Workplaces” fill in the salary and click OK.

Now we can finally start writing our first article. Go to “My Companies” tab select “Management” and then “Administration” twice, click on “Compose” tab and you will see three empty spaces there :

1. – Articles Title  – Title must be between 5 and 50 characters long. No links allowed.
2. – Articles Description  – Description must be between 50 and 1000 characters long. No links allowed.
3. – Articles content – Content should be between 50 and 5000 characters. For details read the indications on the bottom of the page.

Most common questions asked by writers are :

How do i link a picture in my article ?

To link a picture in your article use [img]http://www… [/img]

How do i link a video in my article ?

To link a video in your article use

BBcode is active and you can use a tutorial link found at the bottom of the “Compose” tab  if you don’t know how to use it.

We have concluded our first part of this tutorial , let’s see what we have learned :

How to open a “Magazine Company”
How to aquire the necessary tools and raw materials .
How to write an article.

Now that your article is written , and on the market we will need to focus on other areas, for example : your company starts with only one branch so you will need to open more if you want your newspaper to be read by a lot of people . To do that go to “My Companies” tab , “Management”, “Administration” and finally “Branches”, every new branch opened will charge your personal wallet for 1 euro , the same goes for workplaces.

Why are branches important ?

For people from another region to have acces to your magazine you need to have a branch open in their area .

Why are workplaces important ?

You will create more newspapers within a day’s period, thus allowing you to sell more without having to close your company due to lack of newspapers.

Why are votes important ?

When people read your article they will have the option to rate with 1,2,3,4 or 5 stars . There are several stages you need to reach to get your article to 5 stars, assuming everyone will rate your article with 5 stars :

1. 10 votes – 2 stars
2. 20 votes – 3 stars
3. 30 votes – 4  stars
4. 40 votes – 5 stars

Also don’t forget to set the price of your article according to it’s current quality level , you can do that by going to “My Companies” tab , “Management”, “Administration” twice and then click on “Prices” tab.


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