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“Step right in ladies and gents , try your luck , cheap lottery tickets with huge prizes “. If you want to be succesfull with your lottery you need to understand that publicity  is everything , the more you advertise the more people will buy tickets , the bigger the prize the more money you’ll make. In real life everyone and i mean everyone tries his luck at least once in a lifetime, havn’t you ever dreamed to win a huge prize and go somewhere, or buy expensive things ? It’s the same thing in Anno .

To create a Lottery company you need  to go to “My Companies” tab ,then “Open” tab and finallly “Open” new Lottery . It will cost you 10 euro , you will need to have this ammount in your personal wallet.The company will have 1 branch and 1 workplace active.

What do i need to make it work ?

We will assume you have already chosen a name and a description for your Lottery, so the next thing we need to do is to aquire a Lottery means of production , we can do that by selecting the “Machines” tab and then “Lottery Means of Production” tab from the dropdown menu, we will buy one, for our newly created company, make sure you have invested the necessary amount of money first as you will not pay from your personal wallet but from your company wallet.

Next step will be to aquire the raw materials, Lotteries use “Paper” to manufacture lottery tickets , to buy Paper go to the “Goods” tab then “Raw materials” and we select “Paper” from the dropdown menu and buy 20 mp , they should be enough for now , the money will be withdrawn from your company wallet.

We have aquired the necessary tools and the raw materials all we need now is to hire a worker , to speed up things we’ll go to the jobs tab and check the salaries being paid in your current region, let’s assume it’s 2 units, set a salary of  2.1 for your company  to get us at top of the list. To do that go to “My Companies” tab then “Management” ,”Administration” and select “Workplaces” fill in the salary and click OK.

Finally the time has come to prepare our first Extractions , keep in mind you can only have 3 active lotteries at any given time, to do that go to My Companies/Management/Administration and select Create new tab. You will need to fill in the following :

Extraction name – use appealing names to draw more crowd.
Winning Tickets Percentage – this dialogue reffers to what precentage of those who buy tickets may win , you can fill in a value of 0 (1 winning ticket or 10%,20%,up till 50%)

Extraction date – You can set this value to 1 up to 30 days.

Currency – In this dialogue you can set the currency of the extraction, if you choose you local currency all the tickets you sell and the prize will be in that currency, same goes for gold.

Ticket price – You can set this value to any number as long as it’s not lower then 0.1 , ticket price will be set in currency you organized the extraction.

House commisions – House commisions represent the percentage your company receives from all sold tickets. Minimum set value is 1%.

Special prize – Every extraction you create you”ll have the possibility to award 1 gambler with a special prize , the amount can only be set in GOLD and will be automatically withdrawn from your company wallet.

Minimum Prize fund – Minimum prize fund represents the deposit the company makes from it’s wallet to guarantee an amount of money. If enough tickets are sold you will be refunded with the deposit made after the extraction.

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