How to succeed in creating a good livelihood

“They conquer who believe they can”- Emerson

Everybody on the planet is working or competing for resources in some way. This is the reality of things, whether in a job or by doing business for yourself. If you want to secure a good livelihood for yourself and your family, you need to learn to succeed. Generally speaking winner come in many forms, but often have similar traits. We will briefly outline some tips for thriving in the workplace.

In order to make a place for yourself in this world, you need to be secure in your own skin. Once you are secure, you have determination. This in turn leads to drive, which will help to overcome the challenges that you may face from time to time. Being secure means knowing that your goals are achievable, since more often than not, most goals have already been done by someone else. The truth is, everything has already been done before, and you are just duplicating someone else’s journey. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Find a mentor who can help you get to where you want to go. These people have gone where you want to be, so they can help you walk out your own journey. One method is to do an informational interview, which will help you to build rapport with a person in the position where you want to be. You can do informational interviews informally at the clubhouse, or over a meal.

Working in teams

Some people have goals that are larger than life, meaning they couldn’t possibly be done by one person in a hundred years. However, if you go and build the right team, then perhaps the same goal is achievable within ten years. As an entrepreneur, you need to work smart. Don’t get bogged down on skills you currently don’t have. You should be a system where others can work with you and collaborate to achieve results. This is the real way to make money and do business.

Mindset over matter

The most important asset you have in the universe is your mind, since it is by your mind that you can will something to occur. If you study the advice of successful people, and successful salesmen, you will know that some people are more determined than others. One secret to doing well is to keep trying then, as simple as it seems. Of course, the real secret is in the method. Some people have a way of working that makes them more efficient than others. Some businessmen have special acumen that makes them successful- this is just a skill that they mastered.

If you have the wrong mindset, you only harm yourself. How do you know if you have the right mindset then? You should study the wisdom of people past who are trying to do what you do. All journeys are the same, in that they start and then they end. Don’t stop until you reach the livelihood you want to create for yourself.


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