How to recognize people better to earn more money

Did you ever want to remember your clients or associates better? Having a good people memory will make you money naturally. It is very possible to develop the skills to memorize people and everything about their lives with ease. If you already have good memory, you can have even better memory. Here are some tips for applying this to your working and personal life.

You probably meet new people in your life all the time. If the next time you met them, and remembered everything about their life, that would impress them very much. Great salesmen know that the sale is often made in the first 10 minutes of meeting a potential client. The reason is people will work and buy with others that they like. If you can take a deep interest in them, which is aided by your spectacular memory, you will have great success.

Recognizing people in a crowd

You can master the art of facial recognition simply with practice. A machine will use sophisticate algorithms to systematically analyze facial structures to a an internal database. It is very mechanical, and humans could never do this with ease- we also recognize differently. In fact, there is a whole portion of the brain specifically devoted to recognizing people, since it was probably a skill for survival in the past. However, today there are many ways to analyze people.

You can start by analyzing people’s facial features. One way to practice is to open a magazine and look at celebrities. Often, the press creates caricatures of their faces. These are just exaggerations of what they look like. See, we can identify people solely on recognized features. If you want to practice, the next time you are in the office just notice everyone’s nose or lips. Notice the differences, and what is similar. Look at the shape of their face. The fact is, many people do this with the opposite sex already, to note desired features. Now it is just a matter of applying it to the other half, to make more money in your life.

Remembering names

You can focus on recalling people you’ve newly met better if you can associate with something. This could simply be their facial features. The reason is you’re creating a stronger memory in your mind, so you will remember that person better. Sometimes people will be stunned that you remember so much detail about them after an initial meeting. They will probably like you more for that and be your client or a good co-worker. When you can actively recall everyone in a meeting, you know people will recognize you as “that guy.” It is good to be noted by your clients and coworkers as a person with excellent memory.

Another tip is to repeat their names over and over after you first meet them. Try to actively use their name in the conversation at least a couple times and that will help it stick as well. Now that you remember their names better, you can add details about their lives, which will help it even more.


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