How to make yourself known through publicity/ads

The world of Anno1777 is very socialy interactive , the more people get to know who you are , the more advantages you will have. Why would i want people to know me ? you may ask, well let’s say you plan on becoming a politician , you will need to be famous so you can get your votes  , none votes for people they don’t know , or maybe you plan to open your own magazine and create a brand with your name , you will want people to buy your article and vote for you , you will acheive all this if people KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

What kind of publicity can i buy within the game  ?

There are 3 types of publicity you can buy:

1 – Ads on the site
2 – Commercials in newspapers
3 – Signatures

1. Ads on site

If you want to by ads in the game you will need to create your own commercial , to do that go to Advertisment/ My Spots/New Ad.  You will need to fill in the title, the description, the link and upload an image for your commercial. When you fill in the link dialogue of your comercial keep in mind that any outside links are strictly forbidden.

I finished creating my commercial what do i do now ?

Now you need to place your commercial on the ad section of the game. To do that you will need to buy a spot go to Advertisment , fill in the form and press OK . The form must contain the ad you wish to run , the number of clicks , price/click offered and the countries where your commercial will be displayed.Your commercial will be listed exclusively by the price/click offered.Clicks are taken into account only if the player hasn’t clicked your commercial in the last 24 hours. If a player clicks ten times on your commercial you wil only pay for 1 click.The price you will offer/click will determine if your ad will be listed first , last or even not at all. To assess your price go to Advertisement/Ads/Active Ads , there you will find the commercials already running. Fill in a minimum price to surpass the last offered price this will ensure you a spot .

2.Commercials in newspapers

Every article issued by a magazine has two publicity spots at the end of it , that’s where your commercial will be listed. To buy publicity in newspapers go to Advertisement/Magazine Ads , there you will find the available spots in any local newspaper. Next to each spot you can find the number of hits for that ad in the last 10 days. Based on these hits you can assess the traffick registered by the magazine. Press the buy button, you will have to upload the comercial you’ve already created and fill in the number of clicks. All magazine ads are payed with GOLD.


Another way for people to know who you are or what you are selling is the  signature. Signature is a link placed at the end of each comment one makes. To buy a signature go to Advertisement/Signatures , there you will find a list with the signatures being sold togehter with the number of posts made in the last 10 days by their owners. More posts means more exposure. The sistem is pay/click. Price for a signature is determined by the owner. By pressing the buy button you will be asked to fill in the number of clicks you want. After the aquisition , the signature will become visible on the Advertisment page/My ads /Signature. There you will be able to see the remaining number of clicks and you will be able to modify it.

Remember commercials are the soul of any competitive economy, so if you wish to make yourself or your products known you will need to learn how to use commercials to your advantage.


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