How To Make Money With HubPages

Ever heard of HubPages? Not everyone has, and although it is often compared to Squidoo it doesn’t have quite the reach or the outlook that Squidoo has.

But it does still give you the chance to make some money online, and if you have some interests you’d like to share with other people then it’s worth taking a look and adding it to your overall online portfolio of money making websites.

So long as you use it right you can do quite well here, but as with Squidoo you should be prepared to work at it to get the best results. It can take time to really see the success you’re after.

Let’s find out more.

So what exactly is HubPages? Put simply it’s a site that allows you to build single web pages, or hubs, on whatever subject you like (within reason). You can build as many as you like and indeed some members have got dozens of them.

There are several ways you can make money here; firstly you can refer new users to their affiliate program. This doesn’t net you a one off payment either – it actually brings in revenue that keeps on generating income for you over time. Provided the new Hubbers (as they are known) are making money from the hubs they create, you will get a percentage of it.

You also get to make your hubs so that they point to external websites that you have an interest in. So you could use affiliate links, or promote your own website for example. Be careful though as unlike Squidoo there is a real limit on how much you can promote within a single hub. You can’t promote a single URL more than once within a single hub, although you could get round this by making more hubs overall, with each one pointing to a separate product.

You can also take advantage of earning money from the Google Adsense program included on the site, and there is an opportunity to build in eBay and Amazon sales as well, as you can pick and choose what you want to have on each hub.

In short, the best shot you have at making some real cash from HubPages is to make sure that you build plenty of worthwhile hubs over time. People will have more chance of finding you and exploring all your other hubs as well.

It’s also a good idea to promote them elsewhere. If you have social networking sites you are a member of, make sure you direct people to one or two of your hubs on relevant subjects. You can do the same at forums by putting the URL to a hub in your signature line.

You will also notice that you will quite naturally get traffic to your hubs from the search engines once they have been indexed, which doesn’t usually take very long. The traffic will obviously vary depending on how popular the subjects you select actually are, so you should experiment to see what works best for you.

Making money with HubPages isn’t an overnight thing – as is the case with so many internet ventures – but perseverance will get you there in the end. With a little research you can start picking profitable subjects to build hubs around right from the word go, which makes life a lot easier.

You could also try becoming an expert on a certain subject and writing hubs on different aspects of it. This can be a real money spinner if you pick a subject that plenty of people have an interest in.

So what are you waiting for? Go and open that HubPages account now and start building your first hub. It could be live in no time – and you could be earning your first slice of revenue very soon.

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