How To Make Money With A Pickup Truck

If you own a pickup truck then you have a great way to help out people in your local area. People have a constant need to get things from A to B, and not everyone has a car or other kind of vehicle they can do it with.

So why not step in and offer your services? There are a few different ways you can succeed in this area, and once you start promoting the fact that you have a pickup truck you will get plenty of inquiries from people wanting your help.

If this is something that appeals to you then carry on reading.

No matter what age your pickup truck is, you should make the effort to ensure it looks as good as possible. And don’t forget that it can provide you with the best type of advertising you can get. You can either have a signwriter put your details on the side of the truck or you can have some magnetic signs made up to put on each door, to enable people to see who you are and what you do at a glance. All you need to add then is your cell phone number.

It’s obvious that your main cost with this business will be filling up with gas. So you have to factor that in to your prices. You could always charge a flat fee for the job depending on the amount of work involved, and then charge an amount per mile that takes into account how much gas you will use as a result. Alternatively you could provide an overall estimate for each individual job. Make sure you have a proper pricing structure in place before you start looking for customers so you don’t end up pricing a job too cheap. A good idea is to get some quotes from your competition before starting, to give you an idea of what to charge.

The best way to promote all the different ways you could be of use to people is to set up a simple website which lists all the ways you could put your truck to good use. For example, not everyone needs to hire a removals company when they move home. Some people live in furnished and rented accommodation and in this case they wouldn’t have too much to move. So long as the weather is fine they might prefer to use your service over an expensive removals one.

But it isn’t just moving stuff from A to B that attracts people. You could also promote yourself as a rubbish removal person. Think of garden rubbish or empty and unwanted cardboard boxes for example. In this sense you could promote yourself as an environmentally friendly recycling service! That’s an angle that is sure to get attention, and it might just separate you from the competition.

So if you are looking out of the window at your pickup truck and thinking that it could earn you some money, why not start thinking of all the ways you could put it to good use? Just be sure to leave a comment below first!


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