How to Make Money Using CPA Marketing

There are many ways to make money using CPA marketing as an affiliate. Here we will outline some popular methods, as well as how to get accepted into CPA networks.

CPA marketing the term denoted for those who advertise online for an organization using methods like banner ads, webpage, and side bar ads. There are other methods to advertise CPA as well. In order to make money with CPA marketing, you have to join a CPA network. The CPA network acts as a hub for other businesses that want to advertise. You can also find support and help from your CPA network.

How to get into a CPA network

The numerous CPA networks around will accept people who have demonstrated a proficiency in online marketing, or at the very least have a website. Some of them are more exclusive than others, and then there are some CPA networks that accept only the top performers from other networks. You won’t know if you’ll really get in until you apply. The best way to apply is to setup a website, and possibly a business organization in your state. Sometimes you need a referral from someone currently in the network. If you’d like more information on starting a business entity, check out a good resource like your state government website.

Most people who join CPA network will also have forms of communication in an instant message, such as an AIM account, the Yahoo chat account, and possibly a Skype name. Next, you should contact an account manager at your prospect of secure network, or you may want to just fill out a form they have. If you show them that you’re serious, they’ll probably consider you.

Your first ad

Once you get into your first CPA network, you can begin advertising. You should pay attention and keep track of your advertising campaigns, so that you don’t run over on costs. At first, you’ll need to bend a little bit more money on advertising before you see a return. You also have to master how to advertise, and that is a large majority of how to make money as a CPA affiliate. The CPA network that you joined might offer bit of loose training on how to run a campaign. The easiest will be probably to rent banner space on websites. There are lots of websites that are looking for advertising, will typically require a lump sum per month. Once you have your first banner ad, you can create a squeeze page for the click through. Usually CPA offers don’t want you directly pass into the system, and the like to see your traffic filtered through a squeeze page website. You should read the fine print on your first offer before you accept it, as it will tell you the rules of what you can do what you can do to advertise. For example, some CPA offers don’t allow you to do advertisements on Google. Make sure you follow the rules, so you don’t get banned from your network. Good luck!


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