How to Make Money Tutoring Students

Few people understand the value of teachers and all they contribute to the world from helping to shape young minds in their early years to giving high school and college students the knowledge and help they need to go out into the world and make a good life for themselves.

Teaching can be more than just a 9-month job as many teachers are getting into tutoring students either as a part-time job or a full-time career. Even if you’re not a teacher with a degree, you can still become a successful tutor if you’re knowledgeable in the areas or subjects that are in demand. If you’re interested in making money tutoring, here are some simple guidelines to get you started.

Finding Students will be the first step towards making money tutoring. If you’re a mother with children going to school, you may know of parents in need of a tutor for their children. If you don’t know the parents but are aware of the student’s needs, you may wish to approach the parents in a manner that is not offensive and offer you services.

Determine what your specialty is going to be. Are you exceptional at math? Do you have a good knowledge of foreign languages? Are you good at numerous different subjects? If you know exactly what you would like to tutor, it will be much easier to find students. You can approach teachers in the area that teach that subject and let them know of your desire to help other students in that subject.

Find out about fees and competition. If you know of other tutors in your area, you may want to check with them to see how much they charge so you can be competitive or slightly less to ensure more business when you’re starting out in your tutoring career.

Research your neighborhood to see if there are needs for tutors and, if so, in what area. You may find that you have not only a wide variety of ages and grades to choose from but adults as well. Many adults that travel frequently are in need of someone to teach them foreign languages. Tutoring involves more than just teaching young students the school subjects.

Make your skills known in the community. There are several ways you can let the community know of your desire to tutor. You can make up business cards and ask that they be posted on the bulletin board at your local schools or you can approach different teachers yourself and let them know of your availability and desire for tutoring. Often they have students in their class in need of a tutor and will recommend you to the student’s parents. Advertising in your local newspaper is also another method you may want to use to get the word out.

Word of mouth is always the best advertising in the market. Let your friends and family know of your desire to tutor and encourage them to spread the word to as many people as possible or hang your business card or brochure out in places they frequent.


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