How to Make Money on Fiverr

Fiverr is the leader in a relatively new phenomenon called micro jobbing. Micro jobs are small outsourced pieces of work that can be completed quickly and for small amounts of money. is a micro job marketplace, meant for buyers and sellers to interact. It’s a great way to make some extra money on the side to supplement your regular income. The information you will find in this article can get you up and running on Fiverr and making good money in no time!

Getting Started

Before taking the plunge into the Fiverr marketplace, take a look around the site and see what everyone else is doing. Fiverr jobs are called “gigs” and users may create as many “gigs” as they can handle. See what gigs are popular and drawing interest, for example a resume writing service will may draw more customers than a gig offering a video of you playing happy birthday on a kazoo. I also recommend trying out a gig or two before creating one of your own, this will cost very little money and also give you a great idea how the site works and how buyers and sellers interact. Once you get the hang of how gigs work and how to interact on the site, come up with something you are really good at that is marketable to the general public and also something you can complete in a timely fashion.

Your First Gig

Creating your own gig is where you will make your money on Fiverr. A gig has to be something that users are looking for and find useful in order to bring in revenue. When setting up your gig, make sure to have an attractive picture that can draw users to your posting. The keywords that you use for your gig are also very important, think about what a user will search for on Fiverr and manage your keywords accordingly. For example, if your gig is about providing users with a cover letter, use keywords such as cover letter, job search, resume, resume writing, jobs, CV, etc. This will ensure that anytime someone looks for anything to do with a job search, your gig will appear.

In addition to having an attractive photo and stellar keywords, your Fiverr gig will also need to have a few other elements perfected in order to get steady business. Each Fiverr user has a profile that describes who they are and what their experience is. Fiverr is a copycat world and once users catch on to what gigs are popular, they will begin to try and offer them as well. A top user needs to stand out from the pack by detailing their experience in their gig areas as well as what makes them unique. A detailed user profile is what separates the powerful Fiverr users from the rest of the pack.

Another important feature of gigs is how long it will take to deliver. Users are looking for a quick turnaround, so try to push yourself to provide a short turnaround time. Keep in mind you need to meet these deadlines or you will not get the money for the job. Balance your work/life schedule with how long it will take to complete work on Fiverr to find the perfect length to turn around work. Lastly, your gig’s description will be the deciding factor for many users whether to choose you or another user. Make your description stand out by using catchy words and phrases and also allowing the user to get a deep understanding of what you can provide.

Getting to Work

So you have set up your gig and now you have been given work! Fiverr is a competitive marketplace so your feedback and timely responses to your customers is vital. Provide top quality work and your customers will give glowing feedback and most likely become repeat customers! Building a strong customer base and growing your feedback rating will help you to gain traction amongst users and provide further benefits down the line. High feedback + short turnaround time + repeat customers = $$$$$.

Making big money on Fiverr

While most users struggle to make decent money on Fiverr, if you have followed the steps above, you will soon find your revenues growing larger and larger. Once your gig becomes popular and your feedback is great, your gig will become “featured” on Fiverr. Featured status puts your gig on the front page of Fiverr, almost like a top position on a search engine. This visibility is provided as a thank you for doing great work, and in turn makes you a lot of money! You will soon get an explosion in business and many inquiries for future work. Be sure you can handle this increased work load and reap the rewards! Featured Fiverr users often make hundreds or thousands of dollars a month.

Getting paid and Fiverr issues

Fiverr’s payment system is a little tough to understand at first. Fiverr gigs all cost $5 but Fiverr takes $1 of every payment as a fee. The seller only receives $4 for each gig and must wait 14 days for each payment to “clear” before they can withdraw it to their paypal account. Yet again, your payment will take a hit when you transfer it to your paypal account as there is a fee charged and your final payment will be $3.92 for each gig completed. This is one of the biggest downsides to Fiverr as there is currently no alternate payment method. Another issue with Fiverr is user communication. Fiverr users often can’t clearly state what they are looking for and will often ask for way too much work to be done for $5, going outside of the scope of what your gig lists. So be sure to communicate clearly with your customers before accepting a gig, to make sure you are both happy with the outcome.

A Review From A Fiverr User

Fiverr provides a user who is willing to do their research, work hard, and provide a valuable service a very decent side income with just a small time investment. With times being tough, this micro job site provides users a way to get services cheap as well as make money to supplement their incomes. In just 3 months on Fiverr, I have made a few hundred dollars and have become a “Featured” user. My business has picked up lately and I am very happy with the extra income that Fiverr has been able to provide me.


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