How to make money in ANNO1777

This tutorial will assume you have already learned the basics of the game you have a stable financial situation ( meaning you have some gold to spend) and that you are looking to multiply your cash. I will explain here a few ways to increase your income in the game some may work for you some not , so keep your eyes on this thread as it wil be constantly updated , whenever i’ll write a tutorial about how to make money in anno1777 i will upload it here, if you have any questions post them in the site forum.


Slave hunting is a procedure that allows you to make money by identifying players who have become inactive, players with assets like companies,permanent or direct slaves , shares , assets that can be yours .

And how will i get his companies or slaves you might ask ?

  • If a direct slave account expires ( usually the account is deleted after 30 days) all his companies, shares, direct slaves and houses will be given to his master….all the currencies he has on his wallet will go to the government budget.
  • If a permanent slave account expires all his permanent slaves will go to his permanent master.

How do i identify these slaves ?

There are many methods so i will only explain one :

  • Step one – go to the slave market and check for slaves who are about to expire , they usually have a red line , meaning they’ve been inactive for at least 20 days , copy their name and go to “RATINGS” , paste the name there and from the dropdown menu check to see the number of permanent slaves he has or direct slaves , after that it’s all just math, check to see the price he’s being sold for and if it’s worth’it buy him , of course some slaves are not blocked so you may want to quickly move in the region they are located attack and block them.
  • Step two – Finding out wich slaves have shares or companies- now this is a serious challenge since the game does not allow you too see some sort of tables with company owners or so on, so we’ll use two methods :start veryfing shareholders on every company you find on the stock market or  on goods market and so on , verify those stock owner on the RATING section see if they’re active or not, this may prove to be a very tidious work but in the end finding 1 slave with 1 or 2 or 3 companies can bring you for 10 to 50 euros…so it’s worth it for some people. Another way to do it is by knowing many company owners , having friends in the game who will notify you if someone is inactive , if you know that he has companies then you should block him and wait for his account to expire, but usually everyone is very secretive about who’s inactive .

This technique will teach you how to make money by being the owner of hundreds of slaves and how to cash in big bonuses from the government. There’s a few steps you will need to follow and you will need to do some math on your own since the prices on the slave market do tend to fluctuate, same goes for the bonuses awarded by the government.
  • In short terms what you will do is buy from the slave market unblocked slaves , as many as you can afford , for this techinque to be effective and to actually make some profit you need to have 100% wellnes or more.

For this tutorial i have chosen USD as our base currency you will need to redo the math if your not a resident of USA according to your native local currency :

  • We will assume in USA the bonus awarded by the government for direct slaves is 1 USD , wich means for each direct slaves you own  at 100% wellness you will receive 1 USD.
  • We will assume the price for direct slaves on the market is 0.05 GOLD units , next obvious step is to see if the government bonus ( 1 USD) covers the purchase of the slave from the market so let’s do the math :
  • 1 GOLD can be exchanged on the currency market for 14 USD wich means that 0.1 GOLD = 1.4 USD , 0.05 GOLD = 0.7 USD , so you will basically buy a slave for 0.7 USD and receive form the government a bonus of 1 USD , you will gain 0.3 USD for each direct slave you own at 100% wellness.

Next step would be buying slaves , before we do that there are some things we need to make sure of  :

  • we should start buying slaves half an hour or 20 mins. before we cash in our bonus ( depending on how many slaves you wish to buy the amount of time can be diminished or increased ), otherwise you risk losing the slaves you bought to other will always lose some or all , but it’s best to lose them after you got your bonus.
  • we should drink wine before we collect our bonus , we need to make 100% wellness without food or newspapers, you can do that with clothes , wine and by living in a house .
  • you should program the food ration to boost your wellnes right before you cash in the slave bonus from the government this will take you to 105% wellness
  • you should read 10 newspapers after you have 100% or 105% wellness this will take you to 115% wellnes ( each q5 article grants 1 point of wellness)
  • you can go beyond 100% wellness only with newspapers and food ( wine doesn’t work so don’t try it)

Assuming we followed all this steps we can go on with our math so :

  • let’s say we bought 1000 direct slaves with 0.05 GOLD/slave this means we paid 50 GOLD units wich translates into 700 USD .
  • at 100% wellness for 1000 owned slaves we will receive from the government ( direct slave bonus) , 1000 USD so we will make 300 USD profit/day ( 300 USD = 21.4 GOLD units = 3.5 EURO at 6 GOLD /1 EURO ) .
  • However if you followed my previous steps you have just cashed in your government bonus at 116 % wellnes wich will mean another 16 % profit (   300 x  16% = 48 USD )

As i have stated in the begining of this tutorial you should do the math very acurately as there is no room for mistakes here , you may have different bonuses in your country so don’t forget to replace the data with the correct one.

  • Also it’s usually profitable to work as soon as you have cashed in your bonuses , working at 116% wellness will yield you additional income .

You should test this technique first don’t jump to 1000 slaves directly buy 20 or 50 and see how well it works out  and keep in mind if you decide to become a SLAVE OWNER you need to give up attacking cause you will lose lot of wellnes and you wont be able to get to 100 % .


This procedures is very simple to follow and will guarantee you a steady source of income. You will need to have a house  construction company and to invest some money in raw materials in the begining.Let us proceed .

  • Build houses Quality 1 or Quality 5 those are the ones who are usually rented by people . Once you’ve build your first house sell it to yourself for 1 USD . You will find the house in your inventory and you will be able to set the price for rent there. Take a look at demographics check out the regions with the biggest population and estimate their demand , according to that estimate start building and renting houses. When the demand gets low move to another region and repeat the previous steps.

Let’s crunch some numbers :

  • In region A you have 10 level 1 houses for rent at 1 USD/day and 5 level 5 houses at 5 USD/day , total monthly revenue form houses will be 1050 USD assuming we only manage to rent them for 15 days out of 30 and we will still make around  500 USD , assuming we add to my example 5 more regions we will make around 2500 USD/month .

Keep in mind though that houses are very costly to produce so you should probably make an estimate on how long till you start recovering your investment .


You have probably learned by now that wine gets more expensive as it gets older , thats because of the wellness bonus that increases overtime. Making money with a wine factory requires both patience and a rather large investment of 30 to 50 euros . It’s best to start small at first   1 branch a q5 mean of production and between 5-10 workplaces . You wont be making any money sooner then 2 months but after that your factory will be making huge profits.

Let’s do some math :

  • We will assume you manage to produce 20 bottles of wine/day with a manufacturing cost of 3 USD/bottle meaning 60 USD/20 bottles of wine /day x 30 days = 600 bottles of wine with a production cost of 60 USD/day x 30 days = 1800 USD = 128 GOLD = 22 EURO’s.

Expenses per month 22 EUROS

  • After 30 days you will have your first 20 bottles of wine ( 13 wellness points each bottle) after that each day another batch of 20 and so on you will be able to sell these for at least 6 USD ( wich means you will double your money ) , after 60 days these 20 bottles of wine will be at 25 wellness points and you will sell them for at least 12 USD wich will mean you will at least 9 USD / bottle.

Wine companies are the most profitable in the game but like i said they require both patience and a rather large investment, depending on your wallet . The secret is to keep the  production running.


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