How to make money by having a better memory

There are people out there who have mastered certain forms of memory learning. This allows them to excel in their personal life, as well as their business life. Here we’ll introduce some basic memory secrets to you.

Some people have great memory already. But others could use artificial memory techniques that allow a person to memorize rote lists like a machine and recall them later. The reason why people with good memory succeed is they grasp the concepts of their work, as well as have more concepts to work with at a given time. Those who master memory techniques are also very treasured by their co-workers and employers. You will also gather more clients because they will be impressed with your in-person skills.

Memorizing new people

There are many aspects to memory. One great business skill is mastering people’s names and faces. This allows you to network better, as well as build rapport with people and clients a lot faster. The result is people will feel much more connected to you, and you will gather more clients. One easy way to remember people’s names are to associate their names immediately after meeting them. This can be a concept, or a thing, or something you relate to from your past. You are connecting them into your brain’s memory banks. The easy way to practice is to think of the first thing on hand. Say you are meeting a man named John. Now picture him sitting on a John Deer tractor, in a farmer’s hat. This solidifies the memory in your head. When you meet him again in 2 hours, after the presentation, you will recall the image of him on a tractor. As you learn more things about his business and his personal life, you can add it to your image. Then you will have a comprehensive picture of John on a tractor, with 3 kittens and a fencing sword.

Verbal and visual forms of information

You can take this technique further. It is called the peg-loci method of memory. You can instantiate a new fact with an old memory. This allows you to build a memory bridge, so to say, and you will recall the newly presented facts much better. This is why some people can memorize an entire room’s worth of new people at a time. It is great to impress clients.

You can also take this technique to remember facts from the world. This can be in written forms, as well as verbal or visual forms of information. This skill is also useful for building your working memory, which is a subset of short-term memory. This allows you to remember items of information faster when you are first presented with items. This “skill” helps you to learn better. When you learn better, you have enhanced performance anywhere you need to apply new information. If you take the time to master your memory now, you will enjoy ease and quality of life in business and personal life for years to come.


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