How to Make Money as a Travel Writer

Have you spent a lot of time traveling and would like to share your experiences with others? Do you feel you have a lot to offer other people wishing to travel but don’t know how to keep them informed? Consider a career as a travel writer! Not only will you be able to share your travel experiences with others buy you can make money while you’re doing it.

There are several ways you can make money as a travel writer. Choose the one (or more than one) that appeals to you the most and get started making money doing something you love.

* Posting on other people’s blogs. Blogging is HUGE today and it’s all over the internet. You’d be hard pressed to find a website that doesn’t have a blog site for visitors to leave a post. The neat thing about blogging is that for almost any subject you can think about, there’s going to be several blogging sites. Check out some traveling blog sites and offer them your articles. Although most sites require you to write at least a few hundred words, if you have a lot of travel experience, you’ll have no problem completing the assignment. Set a certain fee for your article and begin making money. Blogs are constantly in need of fresh new content, which you can provide for them.

* Start up your own blog post. While you may not get people that come to your blog site to instantly start buying your travel articles, they will come there to read them and will return for more. This makes your site the perfect place to put your ads in hopes of selling them. If you’ve ever thought of becoming an affiliate partner with some business, this is a great opportunity. While your travel articles will generate traffic to your site, the ads will bring in the revenue!

* Sell your travel articles to newspapers and travel magazines. You really don’t have to be a professional writer to sell your articles to these places. If you’re a relatively good writer and write content that other travelers like yourself would enjoy, many travel magazines would love to pay you money for your work. Check out the Writers Market at your local library and you’ll get a list of periodicals that will pay good money for your work.

* Consider writing your travel articles on project sites. The internet is a place filled with many project sites where people bid and sell their work. Guru, Elance and DoMyStuff are just a few project websites where you’ll find many people interested in buying your work. You can set up an account for free as a provider of written content. Check out advertisements for people looking for writing projects and you may just find someone looking for exactly what you have to offer. You do the writing assignment and you’ll be paid online, where the money will be deposited directly into your account. Check these sties out today. There just may be someone looking for travel information that only you can provide them with!


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