How to make money as a corporate coach

Corporate coaches are consultants to work to build certain skills and large corporations. As corporations hire them as outsiders to go inside and assess organizational structure and human resources. If this is what you think you want to do, here are some tips to get started

Many people who work for corporations as a consultant have a contact that gets them in the door. At the same time, it’s quite difficult to get your foot in the door at all. You must convince someone in upper management you have the expertise to diagnose and solve the problems

Most people who become external corporate coaches did something in their field to gain experience and expertise. There are many types of corporate coaches, and the sky is truly the limit. However, consultants usually train employees with some type of vital and desired skill.

Most of these contracts are temporary, and work may be inconsistent. However, for those that have jobs, this is a good way to have freedom and work within the corporate world.

Networking for contracts

Of course, one of the best ways to find work with corporations and meet people in the hiring capacity is to network within your industry. This involves going to trade shows and business meetings, as well as meeting at social events and conferences. You should join the trade group of your industry to attend the conferences, where you meet people who are looking for consultants. More often than not, they are reluctant to hire on consultants since if you don’t perform well, they are at risk in their job.

Thus, it is your duty to show these people you can really do work and produce results. Corporations looking to hire consultants are looking to produce specific results, and if you can prove that you done this in the past, you will have a better reputation.

Creating a product

People who are coaches need a product that they can sell. This is the sum of their expertise. If you truly have unique training, for example, you can create a series of training seminars to teach people your skill. You need to create a sales funnel to have multiple products and multiple points of entry. Not all corporations are will to pay you the same amount. Of course this varies by industry, as in some industries consultants are very familiar. Sometimes no one in an industry will want to use consultants-they prefer insiders.

The people you train could care less for you. Department budgets are tight these days, so they look for excuses not to hire you next year. The people you train will probably no nothing about your background, your field, nor may they care for it. Hence you must make them interested to keep your job. You must be able to handle the pressures of a corporate environment and work within the rules. Otherwise, you will have people who will try and get rid of you. However, people have made a good living in the past by being a coach, so it is very possible.


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