Frequently asked questions

What is ANNO1777 ?
ANNO1777 is an web-based massive multiplayer social and economic strategy game, which can be played within any browser client, like Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, etc, without the need for any additional downloads. It only requires the creation of an account, a fast process. You are a citizen living in 18h century, fighting your way on the social ladder. Unlike other online games, the virtual currency of ANNO1777 can be turned into real money and vice versa.
How do I set up an Account ?
You need to go on the home page and click the link Open Account. Carefully fill-in the details and in less than one minute the account is opened.
Why am I being asked for a mobile phone number ?
Any other web-game of this type has a very important rule: one player can have one and only one account. ANNO1777 is committed to drastically reduce the existence of multiple-accounts even more, because in our game the real-money are flowing in both directions. One such measurement against clones is the phone number verification.
How do I pass the Mobile Phone Number verification ?
After you log in for the first time in your newly created account you’ll be prompted for your mobile phone number. Type your mobile phone number and press OK. In about 1 minute you will receive a SMS with your activation code. In the same page, type in the received code and the account is then activated and fully functional.
I can’t open an account. I’m being asked for another’s player link.
In order to be able to play ANNO1777 you have to reach the site through a link provided by another player. The affiliation link comes under the format http://www.anno1777,com/index.php?i=xxx. If you landed on the web site without a referrer link, just use
How can I earn real money playing ?
IIn ANNO1777 the virtual EURO can be turned into real EURO. A financial success in the virtual 18th century automatically means some real money for you right now.
Who pays the money the players withdraw ?
Real currency is being paid to the players by the company who runs the game. You can actually transfer money from your game to your bank account.
There are several currencies in the game. What currency can be exchanged for real money?
In the game there is virtual EURO, virtual GOLD and hundreds of local currencies belonging to private countries and territories. ONLY the virtual EURO can be exchanged for real EURO at a 1:1 rate. Basically 10 virtual EURO can be exchanged for 10 real EURO. Virtual EURO can be bought with virtual GOLD or with real EURO. Virtual GOLD can be bought using local currencies or by selling virtual EURO. You can earn local currency virtual money through work or other economic processes.
How can I transfer money to my game account ?
You can do this in Accountant Section, Euro Operations-Load Account tab. You have several options to load your account: By SMS, by Card, By Moneybookers, by AlertPay and by Neteller.
How can I withdraw money ?
Browse to Accountancy Page/EURO transactions/Withdraw money. You can withdraw through 2 methods. PayPal or Bank Transfer. To be able to receive the money go to -Payment Details- on the same page and carefully fill in the payment details.
How long till I get my money ?
All transfers are done within 48 hours.
How can I earn money in the game ?
ANNO1777 simulates a real-world economy, to a pretty big degree of complexity. There are multiple ways through which you can earn money, the most easy and obvious one being to work for in-game companies. But there is also a vast variety of ways to make money, like opening a newspaper company and selling articles or gambling and selling slaves.
What is Wellness ?
Wellness is by far the most important indicator. The bigger the wellness the bigger your incomes from wages and bonuses and you can also defeat more adversaries in fights. The wellness is increasing when you are consuming specific products, and it decreases automatically every hour or when you are doing specific actions like fighting or working.
When and how Wellness drops ?
Wellness automatically drops every hour by a percent equal to Pr=We*0.05, where Pr = Percent and We=current wellness. Wellness drops regardless of your activity. As an example if you have a wellness of 50%, it will drop every hour by 50*0.05, meaning with 2.5 points. Also wellness drops after a day of work by 8% and after each fight by 1%
How do I increase my Wellness ?
Wellness increases when you consume food, wine, if you are dressed and if you live in a house. A meal can bring you between 1 and 5 wellness points. A bottle of wine between 1 and 50 points, depending of the wine’s age and clothes between 1 and 50 points every day. The house you live in can provide between 5 and 25 wellness points/day
What kind of clothes are available ?
There are 10 types of clothes: Overcoats, Coats, Jackets, Gloves, Socks, Shirts, Hats, Trousers, Underwear and Leather Boots. Clothes have five qualities, which is measured in stars. The bigger the quality, the more wellness offered by the respective piece of cloth and the longer it is lasting. You can only have one product from each type in your inventory. Clothes are degradable which means after a set amount of days they will vanish from your inventory.
What kinds of food are available ?
There is only one kind of food which can have 5 quality grades. Food Companies can, nevertheless, name their food any way they want. Based on the number of quality stars, food provides between 1 and 5 wellness points/meal.
How many meals may i have during a day ?
You can have a maximum of 4 meals a day. You may buy more at once but will only be consumed once every six hours automatically.
What kind of houses are available ?
There is only one kind of house. Houses have 5 quality grades as well. Houses are the ONLY products that won’t wear off. based on the house quality, a house provides between 5 and 25 wellness points/day. In order to receive wellness you have to live in that house. You can only live in one house at a time.
Where can I find the Inventory ?
Inventory page can be found clicking on Pictures, Profile&Inventory in the upper menu. On this page you can see your clothes, houses, food stock and means of transportation you own.
How do I buy products ?
To buy products browse to Goods in the Main Menu. Goods are categorized. Choose your desired category, specify the quantity and click on Buy. You will be then asked whom do you buy the goods for (your company or for yourself)
How do I change regions ?
In order to change your region, browse to main page and click on the Change Region button. From one county to another you can walk or use a mean of transportation. If you chose to walk you will lose 1 wellness point for every 10km. If you don’t own a carriage or a balloon you can rent them. After pressing the Change region button you will be given the possibility to chose the way you want to travel.
What are the available means of transportation ?
There are 2 means of transportation. Carriages and hot air balloons. carriages can only travel within the country while hot air balloons can travel everywhere.
How do I travel without losing wellness ?
By using a mean of transportation (carriage or hot air balloon) is the only way of travelling without losing wellness. Otherwise you lose 1 wellness point every 10km.
How do I buy a carriage or a hot air balloon ?
Means of transportation can be bought from the Market page (Products in the Main Menu). Select Means of Transportation category then select the desired mean of transportation (carriage or hot air balloon)
How do I upload a picture ?
To update a profile picture browse to Profile&Inventory/Pictures in the upper menu. While there you can upload new pictures or delete the already published pictures. Any picture needs to be approved by a game administration team before being published.
How do I fill the profile ?
To fill in your profile you have to go to Pictures, Profile&Inventory / Profile in the upper menu. Answer the 10 questions and after aproval your profile will be complete.
What are Gouvernamental Bonuses ?
Gouvernamental bonuses are local currency money offered by the Government to the people for different achievments. There are 9 bonuses. Most of the bonuses can be received every 24 hours if some conditions are met. Other bonuses can be received more than once a day.
How do I get my bonus ?
Browse to the Bonuses page in the left menu. You have there all the available bonuses and the explanatory notes for each of them in order to get them.
Why do I pay taxes and to whom ?
Taxes are essential and there are two types: taxes paid to in-game masters and to the state budged. Both companies and citizens have to pay taxes. After each income you automatically pay 3 taxes: one to your direct master (maxim 25 %), one to permanent master (maximum 10 %) and the last tax is to state budged. These taxes are established by the Governments
What taxes do i pay as a citizen ?
After each cash in you will automatically pay 3 taxes. First is towards your game master (maximum 25%), second is towards your referrer (max 10%) and the third one goes towards Country Budget. The amount of taxes paid to the Country Budget is to be established by the Government.
Fights and Slaves
What kind of fights are available?
There are two types of fights: fights between players ending with capturing and losing slaves and fights between countries ending with capturing and losing regions.
How many times can I fight daily?
A fight with another citizen takes 20 minutes and can be instantly finished by paying 0.1 EURO. There is no upper limit of how many fights can a citizen have in a day.
What are the slaves?
Slaves are other citizens that pay you taxes. Slaves can be bought, sold or captured.
What kind of slaves are in ANNO1777?
There are two types of slaves: direct ones and permanent ones. The difference is that direct slaves can be lost through fighting, while a permanent slave can not, and also the percentage you get from their incomes is different.
How do I obtain direct slaves?
You can get direct slaves through Slaves Market or by winning fights. Once caputred, a direct slave will pay you taxes from all his/her incomes as long as you keep it. The tax percentage ranges from 2.5 to 25 % according to your wellness. If your wellness is 50 % you get a tax of 12.5 %.
How do I obtain permanent slaves?
Permanent slaves are citizens that registered in ANNO1777 through your referral link. Unless you sell it, such a slave remains your forever. Even if it is attacked, the slave will keep paying you taxes as a permanent slave to you and will pay taxes as direct slave to his conqueror (new direct master)
How many times can I fight daily?
For permament slaves the tax percentage is up to 10 %, according to master’s wellness. If your wellness is 50 % you earn 5% of your permanent slave incomes.
How do I block a slave?
Only direct slaves can be blocked. To do this go to the Fight-Slaves section, click on the Unblocked tab and then chose the slaves which you want to block.
Why would I pay the blocking of a slave?
Some slaves are more profitable than others because they bring more profits and taxes to their masters because their activities. By blocking the slave they can not be attacked anymore, hence cannot be lost so you make sure that it remains yours.
How do I sell a slave?
Go to Fight-Slaves section and chose the slave you want to sell. Upon inserting the price and clicking the Sell button the slave is automatically put on sale within the Slaves Market.
What taxes are paid on slaves transfers ?
For each type of slaves the Government established a fixed tax. To see the tax value go to Presidency & Government – Bonuses – Fees .
How do I buy slaves?
Go to Slave Market in the left menu. Chose a type of slave and click Buy next to the slave you are interested into buying.
How do I attack another citizen?
Go to the Fight section and you will see a list with citizen available for fighting. Remember that in order to fight you must not be involved in any other activity, like working, transiting or fighting. Also, your opponent must not be involved in another activity and both of you need to reside in the same region. You can’t attack a player with a Defense smaller than your Attack.
How it is decided the result of the fight ?
The fight outcome is decided by comparing the Attack value of the attacker and the Defense value of the defender. If the Attack is bigger than the Defense, the winner is the attacker.
What kinds of weapons are available in ANNO1777?
There are 10 types of attack weapons and 10 type of defense weapons. Each type of weapon has 5 degrees of quality, which influences the attack/defense value. Also, according to its quality a weapon can be used for more or less fights. A weapon with one star can be used in 10 fights, while a five-star weapon can be used in 50 fights.
How can I buy weapons?
You can buy weapons from within the market-place. Go to Goods section in the left menu, then choose the Weapons tab.
Where can I see what weapons do I have?
Upon acquisition you can find your weapons in your Profile inventory, with detail regarding each weapon you own.
How many weapons can I buy?
You can store in your inventory only one weapon of each kind.
How are the Defense and Attack Points obtained ?
Each weapon comes with some attack/defense points according to its quality. If you own several of them, the points are added up. Then these are combined with your wellness according to a formula and so we obtain the final attack or defense force.
What is the Total Attack/Defense ?
This is calculated according to this formula: Tf=W%P where Tf= Total force, W= Wellness and P = points. For instance, if your weapons in inventory gives you 100 attack points and your wellness is 25 %, your Total Attack will be Tf = 25% 100 = 25 points . This example is valid for defense too.
What is the Economic Score and how can I increase it ?
This attribute drops daily with 1 point, and it is increasing with 2 points every time you work. If you work 10 days in a row the net result is that your economic score increases with 10 points. The economic score ranges from 0 to 100 and it is used to calculate your productivity.
What is the Productivity ?
Productivity is a very important indicator, which is deciding your wage. The wages displayed on the jobs market are valid for a worker with 100 % productivity, and the lower the productivity the lower the received wage. The productivity formula is: Prod= (W+Es)/2 where P= Productivity, W= Wellness and Es= Economic Score. If you have 50 % wellness and an economic score of 80, your productivity would be (80+50)/2=65
How can I work ?
Go to the Jobs section in the left menu. There you have listed the available jobs in your region in that moment. You can only work for the company offering the biggest wage on the market.
How many hours do I work ?
One working process takes 8 hours. During this time you cannot fight or move to another region.
Why did I get a smaller wage than the one listed?
If you received a smaller wage than the one displayed in the jobs section it means that your productivity was smaller than 100 %. Wages are paid according to productivity. If you have 50 % productivity you will get half of the wage you would have earned with 100 % productivity. If your productivity is 10 % you get only 10 % of the wage, and so on.
How many times can I work during 24 hours? ?
You can work only once every 24 hours.
Who can open a company ?
Any citizen can open a company. The only condition is to pay for the opening.
How can I open a company ?
Go to My Companies section in the left menu and then click Open . From the list of available companies select the type you are interested in, then fill in the required details like the name, description, picture, etc.
How much does it cost to open a company ?
The opening of a company costs from 2 to 50 EURO. The exact prices for each type of copmany are displayed when you try to open a new company.
How does a company work?
Almost all types of companies are based upon the same principle: they need raw material, means of production and employees in order to make products which are sold on the market with profit .
What kind of raw materials are available ?
There are 6 kinds of raw materials: wood, iron, cotton, grape, leather and meat. Leather and meat are produced within the same company.
How can I create a work place?
Go to your company’s administrative section and then to Workplaces tab. You can create more workplaces in the same time, which means that more citizen can work in your company in one day. The cost of opening one workplace is 1 EURO. You can close, open and assign your workplace to another region anytime.
How can I open a branch?
A company needs a branch in the region, in order to sell its products there.If you have two branches in two regions, it means that you can sell products only to citizens living in that two regions. To open a branch go to your company’s administrative section and then click the Branches tab. You will have listed available regions where you can open branches. The cost of opening is 1 EURO. You cannot reassign a branch to another region (like with workplaces).
How can I sell my stocks?
Go to your company’s administrative section and then click Stocks tab. You will have listed all your company’s stocks and you can insert the quantity and the price. To remove a product from selling, put 0 in quantity’s field.
What is a license ?
A license gives the company the right to make and sell a specific type of product.
How do I buy a license ?
In the same section where you see listed the licenses, you can click Sell button. After inserting the price, the license is automatically put on sale on the market. Remember, when somebody is buying your license, it also automatically receive the stocks related to that license too.
How can I see what products the company have sold ?
Go to the administrative section, Accounting subsection. There you have listed the transactions made, and you can see who bought what.
What are means of production ?
The means of production resemble the tools from the real world. You need them in order to make products and they have a limited life-span according to theirqualities. The higher the quality, the more final products your company produces with the respective mean of production.
Where can I see the condition of company’s mean of production ?
You can see details about it in the company’s administrative section, Inventory subsection.
Where can I sell means of productions ?
Means of productions cannot be sold nor changed. In order to buy a new mean of production you need to wait for the actual one to end its life-cycle.
Where can I buy a mean of production ?
Go to the Marketplace (Goods) and then choose the Machines tab. You have there listed all types of means of production.
What is the Financial Market ?
What are the shares ?
Shares are very much the same as real-world’s ones. It represents your ownership over part of the emitting company. More precisely, it is your right to receive part of company’s the profits, depending on how many shares do you own.
How can I buy shares ?
Go to Financial Market in the left bar, then click the Shares tab. There you can see listed the available shares. To buy some shares simply insert the amount and then click Buy.
Where can I see what shares I own ?
You can see your owned shares by navigating to Financial Reports section, Financial Assets subsection.
How can I sell my shares?
Go to Financial Assets subsection, fill-in the quantity and the price then click Sell. The shares are automatically put on sale.
How do I cash in the profits generated by my shares ?
When any given amount money is withdrawn from the company’s account it is automatically distributed to shares holders. For instance, if you own 100 shares to a company and the owner withdraws 10 GOLD, you will automatically receive 1 GOLD of that 10 GOLD.
What are the bonds ?
Bonds are emitted by governments which are borrowing money from players this way. Bonds are offering interests and are guaranteed by the system. Bonds are emitted in either GOLD or national currencies and have the nominal value of 1. For each day that you hold a bond you receive the interest specified by the emitting government.
Where can I buy bonds ?
You can buy bonds by selecting Financial Market- Bonds. There you have listed the available bonds. Fill the desired quantity next to the bond type you are interested in, and click Buy.
How can I sell my bonds ?
You can sell bonds by selecting Financial Market- Bonds. There you have listed the bonds that you own. Fill-in the desired quantity you want to sell and the price, then press Sell.
What taxes are paid for GOLD/National Currencies market ?
Each government can establish the taxes paid by financial markets players, so these vary with time. You can see the active tax value in the Government Section, Bonuses sub-section.
What kind of monetary exchanges are available ?
There are two types of exchanges: EURO/GOLD and GOLD/Local Currency.
How can I buy or sell currencies ?
Go to Financial Market in the left menu, then Currency Exchange. You have two markets listed EURO/GOLD and GOLD/Local Currency. Here you can trade EURO for GOLD and vice-versa, as well as GOLD for National Currency and vice-versa. Just insert the quantity you want to buy or sell and push the proper button, the system automatically does the rest.
What is and how can I open a current bank account? ?
A bank account in ANNO1777 is much like the real-life bank account. You can either deposit or withdraw money and deposits are offering interests. To open an account go to Financial Market- Banks – Accounts. There you have listed the bank offers at the moment. After you decide which one is the most suitable for you click Open.
Where can I see what accounts do I have ?
Go to Financial Reports- Financial Assets- Accounts. You have there listed all accounts opened by you.
How can I deposit/withdraw money from an account ?
Go to Financial Reports- Financial Assets- Accounts. Push the Deposit/Withdraw link under the corresponding account. A dialog will ask you for the amount of money you wish to deposit/withdraw.
How can I transfer money to another player ?
You can transfer money to another citizen through current accounts transfers. Go to Financial Reports- Financial Assets- Accounts and click the Transfer link under the corresponding account. A dialog will ask you for several details, like the account number of the recipient, the amount of money and your ANNO1777 password. The transfer will be done immediately, the only condition being to have both accounts in the same currency, and to have no master-slave relationship between the two citizens.
What is and how can I open a deposit ?
A deposit is much like a current account, with the difference of accessibility. After you deposit your money you will not be able to access them during the period for which the deposit has been opened. Each bank can decide the rates of interests and the specific number of days for the deposits
How can I get a loan ?
You can apply for a credit by going to Financial Market – Banks – Loans. There you have listed the available offers, and by pushing the corresponding buttons you are redirected on banks’ pages where you can see more details and conditions about each offer.
What is the loan period ?
Each bank decides the credits periods, ranging from 5 to 30 days. Much like real-life where you can get a credit for 18 months or 20 years, the longer the credit period, the bigger the total interest paid to the bank.
How is maximum amount of money I can borrow determined ?
The maximum available loan is determined by the wages collected in the last X days, where X is the credit period you want to apply to. There are also two more indicators when the upper limit is determined: the indebtedness and the maximum acceptable loan. Both of these two are voted by the governments. For instance, you live in a country where the max indebtedness is 250 % and the maximum loan is 50 GOLD and you want a loan for 10 days. In the last 10 days your total income from wages is 25 GOLD. Theoretically you could get a loan of 250%*25 = 62.5 GOLD. But because the government fixed the max loan to 50 GOLD you can only borrow that much.
How do I pay the interest ?
Loans are given for a specific number of days. The agreed interest is removed from your account everyday, regardless if you have or not the needed money. If you dont have them, your account’s ballance will go negative.
How do I pay back the loan ?
The amount of money you borrowed is automatically collected from your account by the bank at the end of the crediting period.
Can I close the credit line faster ?
Yes, you can pay your credit faster anytime you want, in Financial Reports- Financial Assets- Loans.
What happens if I don’t have the necessary money to pay back the loan ?
At the end of the crediting period the bank will withdraw the money from your account regardless if you have or don’t have the necessary money. If you don’t have them, your account’s ballance will go negative.
Who rules the ANNO1777 countriesa ?
Every country is ruled by a President and 18 Governors. Each of them is elected every month trough free elections.
When are elections held ?
Elections are held on 4th day of each month. On the first, second and third day of the month, citizens are able to submit their candidatures.
Who can participate in electionsi ?
Anybody can participate and candidate, without the need for a political party.
How can I candidate ?
An application form is active in Government – Elections section, between the first and the third day of each month. You need to answer 10 questions which will be visible to voters.
How can I increase my odds to be elected ?
The entry fee is 5 GOLD, and it is paid to state’s budget.
Apart from professional and coherent answers to the 10 questions, advertising is another way to increase your visibility.
How are the winners determined ?
The winners are determined according to obtained votes. The candidate with most votes becomes the President, the next 18 become Governors. If last candidates have the same number of votes, the wellness is tie-breaker.
What do I get from becoming a Governor ?
Apart from the satisfaction of ruling your country, the Governors are receiving wages, voted by themselves.
And what is the Governor’s job ?
The main job of the governor is to propose and vote laws. They carefully watch the economy and depending on local situations they take the necessary measures.
Where can I find the Government Interface ?
On the bottom of each page there is a link to the specific Congress Interface.
Who can propose and vote laws ?
Only the Governors and the President are able to propose and vote laws.
What is the difference between a President and a Governor ?
The only difference is that a President’s vote counts as 5 normal votes.
I am a Governor, how can I propose a new law ?
>Get into the Congress Interface and then to Propose Law section. There you can see the list of available laws proposals.
How does the law voting process work ?
The first step is the law proposal. After that the law will be in the voting phase for 24 hours. During this time the President and the Governors can vote for and against the proposal. After 24 hours the system counts the votes and decides if the law passed or not. There are two rules for a law to be declared passed: the law must be voted by minimum 5 Governors, and pro votes has to be more than against ones.
How can I quit from my Governor position ?
You cant quit. You can chose to not participate in the voting processes, but there is no way to quit the Governor position.
Where can I see what laws proposals are made ?
In the Government- Legislation area any citizen can see what laws proposals are made. Also, any citizen can comment the proposal and watch in real time the votes distribution, who voted for and who voted against, and so on.
What types of advertising are there in ANNO1777 ?
You can buy three types of advertising. Direct on site, through Site Spots. Another one way to advertise is through magazines spots placed at the end of articles. And the third one is through signatures.
How can I buy advertising ?
To buy advertising you need to first create an add. You can do this by clicking Advertisment section then My Ads tab. There you can create an ad with title, body, link and photo. Then you can select where do you want to advertise your ad.
Can I advertise external sites and products ?
Advertising external sites and products is strictly prohibited. Only internal link are accepted, you ad must link to an ANNO1777 page.
Can I insert adult pictures in my advertisements ?
Yes, you can, but remember to check the according box.
How do I modify or delete an ad ?
You can see your ads listed in My Ads tab, where you have Delete and Modify buttons. In order to delete an ad there must be no active spots running the respective ad.
How can I buy on-site advertising ?
If you have an ad created, you can start advertising it by going to Site Spots section and filling the required details: the ad, the number of clicks, the price per click and the countries in which you want your ad to run.
What is determining the order of the ads in the ads section?
This order is exclusively determined by the price per click offered by each spot.
If a player clicks 10 times on my ad consecutively, will I be taxed 10 times
The clicks are registered for 24 hours. So, if a citizen is clicking on your ad now, his/her clicks will be ignored for the next 24 hours, you are taxed for just 1 click
How can I define a good price per click ?
The price per click is very important: it can either put your ad the first in the list, hence the most visible ad, or not visible at all. In Advertisement- Spots section you can update the price per click. Your price must be bigger than the price offered by the last running ad in order to have your ad live on site.
How can I delete a spot ?
Go to Advertisement- Spots, where you have listed all your bought spots and details. Upon click the Delete button your spot is deleted and you get back the unspent money.
How can I modify a site spot ?
Go to Advertisement- My Spots- Site Spots. There you have the list of bought spots and their condition. You can modify only one parameter, that is the price per click.
How can I temporary suspend a site spot ?
Go to Advertisement- Spots and from within the list of your spots click Suspend to the ones you want. The spot will no longer be displayed on-site.
How can I buy advertising in magazines ?
Go to Advertisement section in the left menu then click the Magazines Ads tab. There you have listed the available advertising spots in magazines. In order to give you an idea regarding each magazines’ traffic, there is also displayed the number of views for each available spot, in the last 10 days. The more clicks the spot received, the more popular that magazines should be..
Where do magazines spots appear ?
At the end of each article there are two advertising spots.
What is the signature ?
At the bottom of each comment posted by you there is a link which can be defined by you. That link is called signature. Because it is another way to advertise ideas and products, signatures can be bought and sold.
How can I buy a signature ?
Go to Advertisement- Signatures. There you have listed the available posts and also the number of comments posted by the owner in the last 10 days. It is true that the more posts the more visibility, but the payments it is done per click. The owner established the price per click, and when you buy the signature you must insert the desired number of clicks.
I bought a signature. How can I modify it ?
After the acquisition of a signature, this will become visible in Advertisement section. You will have displayed in real-time the remaining number of clicks. In order to modify the signature click the Modify button and you will then be able to fill the details like the body text and the link.
How can I modify my own signature
To modify your signature go to your Profile – Settings – Signature. There you can write the body, the link and also establish the price per click in case you rent it. A value of 0 means that the signature is NOT for sale
How can I sell my signature ?
Go to Profile – Settings – Signature and fill in the Price field with a value of minimum 0.01. The price is the price per click that you ask from the buyer.

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