Free Press is here

I have a new message to tell you all. This is the best great news in a while and all thanks to Because we can limit the multiple accounts now , we have decided that from now on the press will not only be free but free of charge as well.To read an article you will no longer need to pay for it. What can be better than that ? But if you are the owner of a newspaper , of course you will ask yourself how will you earn some money. Well it is simple. Every owner of newspapers will be allowed to write a single article in 24 hours. Also articles older than 30 days will be deleted from the system and NO wellness will be given for reading an article.You will receive 0,01 gold,from the Game Fund , for every verified player that reads your article but not more than 10 gold for an article. [to read more about what is a verified player please visit or read the previous insider. If a player that is not verified reads your article , you are not receiving any gold for it but you dont spend anything on it either. All articles which will write about Anno1777 will have priority in being approved. In the future we may limit the number of articles written/day but so far we do not have a limit. So stay focused and be always the first one to hear the news by reading the press in Anno1777 and pay nothing for it.

Written by ANNO1777 Team on 15, May, 2012


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