Earning more by meeting people’s needs

People will buy more from salespeople who can genuinely help. This is a fact, since people like others who are attentive and meet their needs without being frivolous. This is a skill of listening and paying attention. If you can respond to their needs better, they will appreciate it and buy from you.

Spoken information

People simply will buy from people they like. If you do any selling in your business or job at all, you will know that customers are very egocentric. They want to know, “what’s in it for me?” Often times if you can’t answer this for them in the first couple minutes, they will have already made up their minds about you, and that any product you sell them will not be relevant.

You have to pay attention in order to empathize with their needs. You need to think before you speak. Often good salespeople are naturally outgoing, which helps them bond with new clients. The best salespeople, however, are those that have an innate understanding of psychology and can understand what makes their clients tick.

You can remember spoken information better by asking more questions. This helps to train you to be an active listener. You can only be asking good questions if you are really paying attention to the other person. In fact, asking good questions are one way to lead the client to learn more about the benefits you can confer onto him with your services. People who are trained as consultants know to ask the right questions, which will lead to increased rapport and trust.

Emphasizing the benefits

The best sales persons are people who understand the true value of the product they’re selling, as well as have a real interest in the other person. As stated, customers only speak in one language- “what’s in it for me?” Hence, when you meet with them you have to create as much value as possible. You need to know in your mind exactly what your client needs, or rather, what he subconsciously wants. For example, some people may deny something for personal reasons. If you knew their personal reason, you could know if you are in a position to help or not. Customers want people they can trust and rely on. They want people to give them the solutions, even if they are not consciously aware of their own problems. If you understand how to solve someone’s problems with your solution, you are one step further to earning a lot more.

For example, if you are going to sell a car, your clients may have an objection. Say it is a couple and they are telling you, “they are not sure about the seat sizes in the back.” This could mean that they are inferring they want or have children. If you know which products can help give them what they want, which is safety for their young children, you can overcome their objections. This is benefit that they may not even verbalize, but you already can help because you are paying attention!


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