Earning Money With Scrap Metal

Sometimes you can walk right past a great way to make money without even realizing that it’s there. This is definitely the case with scrap metal, because you have probably walked or driven right past loads of stuff and not even given it a second thought – except perhaps to be mad at people for dumping it where they shouldn’t.

And that’s exactly how you can make some fast cash as well as tidying your neighborhood up a bit. All it takes is a bit of know how, a van or car to put the stuff into, and then you can enjoy the fruits of your labors by driving back home with some cash in your back pocket.

The first thing to find out when you start making money with scrap metal is where your nearest scrap metal yard is. You will probably find you have one quite nearby and it only takes a short amount of time to either give them a call or drive by to have a chat and find out what they take and how much they would pay you for it.

This is an important first step because you don’t want to be accumulating lots of what you think they will take only to arrive and find you have to take half of it away with you again!

So, once you’ve done your homework you can start thinking about finding the type of scrap metal they want. But where do you start looking?

The easiest place to start is at home, believe it or not. Have you got any old tire rims off your old car that are filling up the garage and not serving any real purpose? There’s your first item right there. How about old grill bits from that broken barbeque? Once you start thinking along the right lines and you know what they will accept, you will automatically know what direction to start looking in.

It helps to allocate some space in your garage or maybe your shed to store all the stuff in until you have enough to take to your local scrap metal yard, as you’ll want to wait until you have a fair amount before you part with it. Keep it tidy otherwise it could cause an accident.

You can also do some advertising and relieve local people of their own scrap metal. Have a leaflet made up which lists all the things you’re after, and ask them to call you if they have anything they want to get rid of. All you need to do then is call round and pick it up, and then convert it into cash yourself.

After a while you will become known as someone who provides this service and people will start calling you more often. When you think about it you’re making life easier for them, as you’re saving them a trip to get rid of it themselves, and many people don’t think of cashing in their old scrap metal in this way.

Are you starting to think about all the stuff you’ve already got lying around that could get you started? If you are, then now is the time to find that local yard! But before you go, leave a comment below to tell us your plans for cashing in on this idea.


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