Creating a Personal Paradigm for Financial Success and happiness

There are many ways that people view the world. People value certain things in life more so than others, based on belief or personal experience. But what view and mindset of the world will lead to financial success, as well as happiness?

What does your life revolve around? Do you wait in earnest for your favorite football team to play? Are you waiting for the weekend to meet up with friends? Perhaps your family life is the most important to you. Some people are religious and place that first in their life. Other people care exclusively about money. Which of these groups of people are happiest? Even though there are many elements in a person’s life, some weigh in more importantly when creating financial success and happiness. Creating a personal paradigm for success relies on a balance, which will lead to success in all areas of life.

Buying happiness… to an extent

There’s an observation that some psychologists have demonstrated over and over through experiments. Money can make people happy to a certain extent, but beyond a limit, most people are not happier if they had more money. The study was done in the United States, and people who made over 75,000 dollars a year agreed that more money would not bring happiness in their life. This explains why movie stars and billionaires are just only as happy as regular people are, and why they have the same problems as everyone else.

Starting with a mission statement

Making money requires a bigger purpose. One paradigm is through a personal and business mission statement. These can apply to both small and large businesses. One good practice that many businesses have is a mission statement. Let’s take the example of large corporations. These corporations are all different from one another, and each has variations of corporate culture. The companies that succeed are those that retain the most talent. The reason why people choose to stay with a company may be because of loyalty. The most loyal employees are also the most dedicated employees are those that work for a cause. Hence, businesses that take a mission statement seriously will make more money, simply because the employees “get it.”

The right way to think about money will simply beget more money. If you love what you’re doing, you get absorbed into what you do, and you lose track of time. You attract more clients simply because there is word of mouth that your business is different. This will create a natural buzz which attracts customers and clients. Over time, you live for more than money, but you feel fulfilled in other aspects of your life. This is also why it is important to find work you can identify with.

Take some time now to create a personal mission statement that you can identify with. If you live a family-centered life, then make your personal statement something like, “I work so I can assist my family.” The best approach is to make a statement that can encompass everything you do.


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