Create A Local Wedding Services Guide And Website

One of the most complicated things in life has to be planning a wedding. There are dozens of things to think about and plenty of things you need to find. If someone could just point you in the right direction of all the services you needed then it would certainly take a lot of the hassle out of the whole planning process.

If you like a bit of research then you could be the owner of a great website giving everyone everything they need to know to plan the perfect wedding. And it’s an idea that you can use in other areas too.

Where is the first place you usually go to find information? For most people the answer is undoubtedly the internet. There is an almost insatiable market for information and if you can provide it you’ll start getting traffic from all directions.

Weddings are a good subject to cover as you can provide a website which is dedicated to services in your local area, and is split into sections according to the different sources of information someone would need. So for example you could have a section on florists, another one on hire cars for weddings, another one on venues, another one on clothing and wedding dresses, and so on.

But rather than just providing details of each supplier that you can find in your area, you need to make the website more valuable to everyone who finds it. You can do this quite easily by writing some unique content for each section and each page, in order to pique the interest of everyone who reads it. Try and think about what people want to know when they are online looking for information to help them plan their wedding, and provide as much of that knowledge as you can.

It would also help to provide more than just the contact details for each business you feature on your site. Write down some information about them as well – where they are, how long they have been in business, what they specialize in and so on. You could even write to businesses inviting them to appear on your site for a small fee – a great way for them to get publicity and a good way for you to earn some cash as well. You could renew the fee every twelve months, and they would no doubt provide you with all the information you need for an accurate listing as well.

You can also monetize your website by adding Google Adsense; it will display adverts that are relevant to your audience so you can be sure they will be interested in reading about other companies who provide wedding services, and you could achieve a reasonable click through rate as a result.

Another way to earn some cash through your site is to look for affiliate programs that are wedding related. Sites like Commission Junction allow you to promote a whole range of goods from different companies, so you might be able to find a lot of different products and companies that you could recommend to everyone, as well as providing information for a specific area.

This is obviously an idea that you could roll out to other areas and states as you go along; you might end up with a whole network of sites serving all kinds of different areas, and it doesn’t have to stop at weddings either. Any type of industry or service could be adapted to provide a useful website along the same lines.

If you like the sound of this idea, leave a comment below to let us know! Then it could be time to start up your own empire of wedding related websites.


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