Saving money is as much a mindset as it is a set of specific actions. Once you start “thinking lean,” you’ll see many opportunities to get creative and cut your expenditures.

As you go forward, remind yourself to question everything and think creatively. Break the habits that include the words “but we ALWAYS do that.” If you always eat at a specific restaurant or order the largest soda and popcorn at the movies, are those choices as cost effective as they should be?

Nothing is written in stone. Well, actually, some things are written in stone, but even those things can be chiseled out and changed. You’ll find there are many ways that you can change even the most ingrained habits to have a positive impact on your budget.

While this report is far from exhaustive, I hope it’s given you a starting place where you can begin making changes right now.

Best of luck to you on your money-saving journey.


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