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Written by ANNO1777 Team on 26, Apr, 2012

If yet you did not hear about our new site [] , i am convinced you will hear about it very soon. Many players from Anno1777 have complaint in the past about clones or multiple accounts. We have heard your requests and is now here to serve your purpose.

Now i will try to explain for everyone what is and what does it do. is a service that verifies your account by checking the information you provide .One player is allowed to have only one account /game. Once you are verified through one of our methods you will be able to continue play Anno1777 without restrictions.
If you do not want to verify your account , you will not be able to enjoy the full facilities of the game so you will encounter restrictions

To verify your account is very easy and there are 3 different methods you can use .First you will need a mobile phone number for any of the methods . You will be asked to send a text message [SMS]to a certain number . This text message is a normal charge and we know it should be 0,05 euro cents but it could be more or less depending on your phone company and your country. It is important to know that we do not receive the money from this text message and it is not Anno Labs who is charging you for this amount . Within 1 minute after sending the message, you will receive a text message containing a code which you have to confirm on the website. You can now choose the verification of your account through one of the 3 methods :

1. Payment
For this method you will be required to pay 5 euros through SMS[text message] .
This is method is very fast and it doesnt involve you sharing any particular information with us . Your account will vecome verified within few minutes.

2. Documents
For this method you will be required to upload a picture of your identity card/passport/driving license and 3 recent pictures of yourself that will prove us you are the person from the passport. You may blank the SSN or CNP on the identity card , we are only interesed to see your name, address and picture.This method is completely free and it is relatively fast.It can take up to 48 hours for your account to become verified.To make sure your documents wont be rejected please make sure your pictures are clear .

For this method you will be required to type your address [and name]. We will send you a letter with a code that you will confirm on the webiste.
This Method is completely free but it can take up to 15 days depending on your country . Please make sure the adress you type is correct and has always street, number, city, zip code and country.


After you became verified in , you must now associate your account from Anno1777 to it. Please go to Accounts/Add type your username and password from Anno1777 and click ok .Your Anno1777 account will become verified and you can enjoy playing wihout restrictions. It is that simple.

Also, if you are 2 players in the same house [such as brothers or husband and wife, etc] you WILL NOT BE ABLE to verify your account through the same method.
e.g. If the husband choose the Address method to verify his account , the wife must choose the Documents or Payment method to verify her account.

I hope i was clear enough for everyone but shall you have missunderstandings or more questions, dont hesitate to contact Anno1777 Team.
We thank you for being part of our comunity!


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