Buxvertise review – online since 2014

Buxvertise review – online since 2014

Buxvertise was launched on April 19, 2014. The owner of Buxvertise – Drew and Jesse have successful and clean online record/history because they are the owner of legit website which is running from 2012 without any issue known as Traffic Return. Buxvertise has over 290,ooo members and it has paid over $534,000 to its members.

What is Buxvertise?

Buxvertise is PTC program in which you can earn money by viewing advertisement. You can earn $0.001 to 0.00225 per advertisement click and if you upgrade your account to Buxer then you will get 150% of your click and if upgrade to Eternity, then you will get 200% of your click and 200% of your referrals clicks as well.

How to make money online in Buxvertise?

There are different methods you can use to earn money.

View Ads: When you click on view ads you can see that there are different types of ads available like fixed, macro, mini and standard. All you have to do click on those available ads and you have to view it for few seconds. When you view it then the money will be credited to your account. Most of the ads you can see are those that will pay you $0.001 and some ads pay you more than that.

Every Winners will be disclosed daily after server reset and same winner are allowed to win once in 20 days. Your earnings depends on your membership level.

  • Free Members: 2000 Points = $1
  • Buxer Members: 1500 Points = $1
  • Eternity Members: 1000 Points = $1

Wheel of Bux: Another good way to earn is through Wheel of bux. You can spin once in each day and earn different prizes and points. You can easily convert your points into cash. You can earn some money if you regularly try this. You can earn $5 if you are very lucky.

Bux Grid: You can click anywhere on grid and earn different amounts. Most of times you will earn $0.01 and if you are very lucky you can earn up to $3. You have also limited number of attempts.

Refer Members: This is the most important part of any PTC site. If you wanted to earn something good then you have to make direct referrals regularly. Once you have hundreds of active referrals then you are earning good otherwise it is impossible.

You will earn differently depending upon your membership level from you referrals. It ranges between 50% to 200%. You will also get 2% commissions as free member and 5% commission as upgrade member from the purchases of your referrals. Members also receive 2$ for referring members who upgrade.

Other Methods: There are other methods you can use to earn money like completing offers, peanut labs, super rewards etc.

Membership Levels

There are three types of membership levels:

Free: Everyone can join as a free member. As a free member there are certain limitations with your account like

  • You can refer only 200 people.
  • 100% of click value.
  • 50% per referral click.
  • Earn commission 2% from referral purchases.
  • 200 Rented referrals.


  • 150% of click value.
  • 100% per referral click.
  • 500 direct referrals.
  • 1000 rented referrals.
  • Price: $5 per month.


  • 200% of click value.
  • 200% per referral click
  • 5000 direct referrals.
  • 5000 rented referrals.
  • Price: $35 per month.

Buxvertise is completely free to join and work. Join now