Build Your Own Custom Search Engine

It might seem hard to believe that anyone could rival Google with a new search engine. But it could happen if the idea for custom built search engines comes to fruition.

If the idea of building your own search engine appeals to you, remember that the trick is not to try and compete directly with Google itself. Instead of doing that you should take a difference stance altogether – and in fact it is this stance that many people think is going to become the new search engine for the future.

Sounds intriguing? To find out exactly what kind of search engine we’re talking about, click to read more.

The internet is a huge place, almost beyond comprehension, and it’s getting bigger every single day. That makes it incredibly hard to find anything. Unless you happen to know the URL of a site you want to visit, the chances of finding it in the search engines is getting more remote by the day.

While the whole process of search engine optimization allows every website to have a chance of getting onto page one of Google, where it stands the best chance of being discovered by the people who want to find it, there is one thing that it really doesn’t account for – and that’s accuracy.

The truth is that you could create a website that is factually inaccurate and it could still rank very highly in the search engines – so long as it was optimized to do so. Furthermore even the major search engines are becoming more and more unwieldy as time goes by and even more new websites are launched. It’s not uncommon to search for a particular type of website and get hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of results coming back at you.

This means that there is clearly a gap for a new type of search engine. Imagine a whole network of them, with each one concentrating on a different subject. So for example let’s say you wanted to find a website which contains medical information. Instead of going to Google or another large search engine, you would go to a medical search engine which only lists that type of website. Similarly if you wanted to find information on investments, you would go to a search engine that only contained websites which dealt with that subject.

This is an idea which is only just starting to be suggested, but many experts think that this could be a glimpse of what it will be like in the future. So why not be a trailblazer and pick a popular subject that gets a lot of searches every day to build a new search engine around?

When it comes to creating the actual engine there are a few tutorials online that reveal how to do it. Do a search (on a search engine!) to find them, and start to map out your ideas for your particular search engine. Don’t forget that this will be a more targeted engine than anything else that is out there at the moment, so bear that in mind when it comes to choosing a domain name for it. After all, you want your search engine to rank highly in the results in the general search engines, to ensure you get found and people start using you.

You will also need to be able to crawl the relevant websites that are out there on the web today, so you can include them in your own results. Of course it will take some time to build a well established custom search engine, but the fact that you are taking on this kind of focused project in the first place should earn you some free publicity. Make sure you write some press releases as well, to get the right people interested. It’s also worth getting in touch with websites that could be placed in the results, to help spread the word.

You could be the owner of a major targeted search engine in a few months time, so why not get started now? Be sure to leave us a comment below first though! And good luck.


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