Build A Website Selling Custom Animal ID Tags

There are some items that will simply never go out of fashion and there will always be a need for them – and animal ID tags are one of those items.

This is a solid business that may take a while to get set up properly, but it is well worth the effort – and there are two ways you can do it depending on how much work you actually want to get involved with.

The main thing to remember here is that you need a decent website to be taken seriously, so either get one designed for you or go for the best do it yourself website builder you can find: one that allows you to take secure payments online too, if you are going all out to do the whole thing yourself.

Cats and dogs are the most popular pets around, and a lot of households have one, other or sometimes both – and often more than one animal too. That means there is a huge market out there for animal ID tags, to ensure that if a moggy or pooch goes missing they will be returned to their owner in double quick time, thanks to the information on the tag.

It doesn’t take much to work out that if you can supply people with these tags you will have a ready market to make money from for years to come. There is some outlay to this business if you want to make the tags yourself, since you will need to buy the machine to make them with and the blanks that form the finished tags. But once you have the main equipment the only real outlay you will have is replenishing your stocks of tags once you have used up the ones you have – by which time you will be well into profit.

If the idea of making the tags yourself seems like too much hard work, look for websites that are already around that offer an affiliate scheme. A lot of people are happy to give a proportion of their revenue for each sale to the person who gave it to them in the first place, so bear this in mind.

You can also look on a website such as Commission Junction to find larger companies who offer commission on selling pet products, so you could also populate your website with other associated items as well such as collars for cats and dogs.

If you look on Google or any other major search engine you will see that there are plenty of websites already out there selling animal tags, so you will need to position yourself strongly in order to capture a part of the market. You will probably notice though that most of the sites concentrate on selling the tags and nothing else, so if you were to put some other valuable content on your site you might just gain an advantage over the competition.

For example, why not put a live link to some news items that feature cats and dogs? Or perhaps some of the more amusing videos from YouTube that feature them? Strong articles that are unique to your website will also capture more attention and encourage people to visit again and again, so even if they don’t buy an animal ID tag the first time around they may well do so in the future.

The key here is a good design though. Give people a professional looking site with simple and secure ordering facilities and plenty of information, and the orders will soon start rolling in.


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