Become A Sales Agent For An Offline Product And Take It Online

Have you ever come across a product that really caught your eye that you have never seen online before?

If you have and you still know where to find it, why not consider trying to market it online? There are really countless ways of doing this, depending on the nature of the product and where you get hold of it from, but in general if you come across something that hasn’t really taken off online yet you have a great chance of beating everyone else to the punch.

Becoming a sales agent usually means you get a percentage from every sale you make, so the way to approach this opportunity depends on how many products you can get access to. Some businesses allow you to join as a sales agent and sell a range of products, in which case you could set up a website (with their agreement of course) promoting all of them in turn. You would then receive orders via your site and process them via your supplier directly.

It does depend a lot on how you get hold of the product or products in the first place though. Some businesses may agree to let you promote their product on a sale or return basis, or alternatively you may have to buy a quantity of the product first and take a chance on whether it would sell well online or not.

Whichever way you approach this opportunity, it’s clear that you should get stuck into some research before you agree to anything. Find out as much about the product as you can – who it would appeal to, what price it retails for, and how much your profit margin would be on each unit.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of finding a product that you love and you think you could make money with, but you need to be certain that a lot of other people will like it just as much as well! By finding out as much as you can in the first place you stand a better chance of making a good profit.

If you haven’t seen any particular product which grabs your interest the best place to start looking – ironically – is online. Search for companies that have offline sales agents already and think about approaching the best ones (the ones that appeal to you the most) with your proposition. As hard as it may be to believe there are still some businesses that don’t have any kind of online presence at all – and you could be just what they are looking for.

One final point – you should try looking in your local area to see what businesses are there, before you look any further afield. Quite often they will be the ones who haven’t got online yet.

It might take some work to find a product you like that has great potential for taking online, but the end result can be well worth it. Let us know your thoughts by leaving a message below before you start hunting.


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