Become A Paid Premium Blogger On Other People’s Sites

There is always a lot of talk about writing your own blog but what about the opportunities that exist for writing blogs for other people?

There are a number of ways you can do this and you could pick the one that appeals most to you or even do a combination of all of them if you wish. There are some people around who really do blog for a living, and not all of the money they earn is from their own monetized blogs.

All you need to know is how to do it and where to look for opportunities…

First off, there are a number of sites that allow you to write for their own network of blogs. A typical example of this is Creative Weblogging. This site has a number of blogs that it manages, and subject to opportunities being available you can apply to manage and write for one of their blogs in return for an agreed payment every month.

You do need to show that you have some experience so you’ll need to set up a blog if you don’t already have one and keep it up to date for a month or two before you apply. Alternatively they do sometimes elect to add new blogs to their network so you can always contact them if you have one you think they would like.

Another option is to write for other companies on your own blog. Websites such as Pay U 2 Blog use this kind of system and it works very well if you want to add another income stream to your own blog.

But if you would rather write for an existing blog – or at least one that is run by someone else – then you can also look for existing job opportunities. More people than you might think are willing to get someone else to write their blog for them. You would be ghostwriting it as each entry would appear under their name, but you will usually get paid per entry for a fixed number of entries per week or per month.

If you market yourself as a premium blogger in this way, there is no reason why you can’t eventually take on several blogs and start doing it full time. Blogging for a living like this is a great job to do as there will always be success stories online that are looking for someone else to write their blog for them. You can have lots of jobs on the go and even if you should lose one or two you won’t notice a significant dip in your income.

The best places to look for work writing other peoples’ blogs are the sites where you bid on work offered by other people, and also in the writing websites job boards. Craigslist is also worth a look, and there are also some ghostwriting teams that have websites advertising for people to write blogs for clients.

Once you get started it doesn’t actually take that long to find work – you just need to keep at it. And with a combination of finding work yourself, working for a site like Creative Weblogging and working for a ghostwriting outfit you could soon be blogging for a living.

One final point – just as Creative Weblogging advises, if you want to become a professional blogger for other people it helps to have plenty of blogging experience. So it’s worth setting up at least one blog of your own if you haven’t already got one.

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