How do i open a bank ?

Step 1

Click on my companies tab .

Step 2

A  list with all available companies will show up.

Step 3

Here we will need to name our company,  choose a logo,  and make a description for it.

What do i need to get it rolling ?

Now that we managed to create are own bank we’ll need to aquire a “Bank means of production” (as tools)  and some paper ( as raw material )

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

We select and buy from the dropdown menu

We have the tools,  now we need to buy the raw material (paper) :

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9

We select and buy paper from the dropdown menu

We’ ve learned how to create the bank,  how to aquire the tools and the raw materials,  all we need now is a worker to create deposit certificates, current account certificates, credit certificates and transfer forms ( i will detail on these later).

Our bank will start with one branch and one workplace if we want more we will need to pay 1 extra euro for each workplace or branch we wish to create.

What is a branch ?

Each country in anno is divided into a certain amount of regions ,  if you want your company to sell it’s goods into a certain area you will need to open a branch there and it will cost you 1 euro each those money need to be in your personal wallet not in your company wallet.

Back to our bank in order to begin granting loans or open current account for people we will need those forms so the first thing we’ll do is hire a worker .We will need to check the market salary in your current region. To do that just click on the jobs tab :

Once there we notice that the highest salary in the area is 2.70 so we will offer 2.71 to get us at top of  the list.

To open up new branches or to manage workplaces from our companies we will go to :




That was the easy part of this tutorial .

A bank uses paper as raw material. Based on the paper, it produces deposit certificates, current account certificates, credit certificates and transfer forms. Each product category is used to provide a specific type of service. Without these items on stock, the bank cannot provide a specific type of service.
  • Deposit certificates – For each deposit opened at a bank, a deposit certificate is consumed. Without deposit certificates on stock, banks cannot offer deposits
  • Current account certificates – for each account opened at a bank, a current account certificate is consumed. Without current account certificates on stock, the banks cannot open current accounts.
  • Credit Certificates – For each credit provided by the bank, a credit certificate is consumed. Without credit certificates on stock, banks cannot offer loans.
  • Transfer Certificates – for each bank transfer, a transfer certificate is consumed. Without transfer certificates on stock, banks cannot make transfers.
These certificates are made based on the means of production and on the workforce employed by the bank.

Loan Fund
In a bank, the depositors’ money coming from current accounts and deposits are kept in a special fund called the Loan Fund. The bank manager DOES NOT have access to this fund so he cannot withdraw money from the fund unless he previously invested in it his own money of the bank. From this fund, money can be taken for payment of cash withdrawals or loans. Also in this fund are paid all the money from deposits and current accounts opened at the bank. The interests owed by the bank are paid from the company accounts. Also the interests and taxes are charged by the bank are also paid into the company accounts.
  • Every day, banks pay interest for deposits and opened current accounts. Every day, interest is charged from those who have bank loans. Both interest earned and interest due are paid in the bank’s own accounts. If a bank runs out of money for interest payments, then all affected accounts will be closed, be it deposits or current accounts. Depositors’ money is refunded from the bank’s lending fund whether the fund has money or not.
  • If a player does not have money to pay daily interest, the money will automatically be withdrawn and the player will no have anything in his account. If the person who contracted the loan refuses to play anymore, and the account is closed for inactivity, the state budget will bear the negative balance. This is the reason why we said earlier that all loans are guaranteed by the government.
  • Anyone can contact a credit if he worked at least five days. .
  • The maximum credit that can be contracted is calculated using the formula Credit = Revenue * Indicator, where Credit = maximum credit that can be contracted, Revenue = revenue from WORK performed during the last N days, where N is the number of days by which the credit will be contracted, Indicator = maximum degree of indebtedness established by the government. The maximum degree of indebtedness represents a fixed percentage established by each individual government. It can vary between 10% and 1000%.
  • Here is an example. In the last 10 days, player A had an income from work of 400 RON. The Indebtedness degree established by the government is 300%. The player will be able to access a loan of 1,200 RON for the next 10 days. There is also a governmental indicator which indicates the maximum credit that can be taken. Suppose the maximum threshold is 1,000 RON. In the above example, the player may only take 1000 RON.
  • To contact a bank loan, go to page bank and review the offer.
  • Any bank can set an interest rate and the period for which the loan is granted. Banks can set up maximum five types of loans. You can contact only the maximum loan allowed. Intermediate values are not accepted. After contracting, the interest will be deducted automatically from the bank every day. Even if you have money in the account, the bank will automatically withdraw money. On due date, the bank will automatically withdraw the value of the loan.
  • When contracting the loan, money is taken from the bank’s lending fund. But interest payment is made on the bank’s own accounts. The lending fund also collects the money returned at the end.
Current Accounts
Bank accounts are bank instruments through which you can have immediate access to money. You can open a current account from the bank’s presentation page. After opening a current account at a bank from the game, you can immediately start depositing, withdrawing or transferring money. Note that each type of operation is charged by the bank. You can see a list of bank accounts owned on page Accounting / Financial Assets / Accounts & Loans. Also on this page you can submit / withdraw / liquidate or transfer money. Click the button Extract and you will have access to the list of transactions made with that account.
Unlike current accounts, bank deposits have a pre-established validity period. During this period you have NO access to money from the deposit. The money will be automatically refunded with interest at the due date. You can open a deposit directly from the bank presentation page. After opening, you can see information regarding the deposit on page Accounting / Financial Assets / Accounts & Deposits. The interest is paid by the bank daily directly into the deposit account.
You can send money from a current account in any other account opened in the same currency. You CANNOT transfer the money of owners or slaves. Also you cannot transfer money if you have a contracted loan. To transfer money go to page Financial Assets / Accounts & Loans, choose the account from which you want to make the transfer, click the Transfer button and fill out all information carefully. Transfers are made immediately.
Fees and commissions
Banks can establish their own fees and commissions. It is advisable to carefully check these fees before contracting loans or making bank transfers. The bank offers and collects interest for current accounts and deposits. The bank collects fees for the following transactions:
  • Cash deposits in current accounts.
  • Withdrawals from current accounts
  • Transfer of money from one bank account to another

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