All you need to know about government

The world of Anno1777 is divided in countries governed by players who become governers by vote. Each month (on 1,2,3,4 th) in every country elections are organized. To run for office you will need to pay a 5 gold fee and fill in a form , you can do that by selecting the  Presidency & Government page  link wich will become active during the elections.

As soon as the application is sent , people will be able to review it and if they choose to even vote for you. This application will be a mirror in wich other people can see who you are and what you are trying to do for them so make it convincing. Another way to ensure your succes is by using all media tools available , that includes advertising your political campaign in the local newspapers or buying ads in the game.

The winners are decided by the number of votes each candidate receives.The player with the most votes will become president , the rest of the 18 candidates will become governors. If there is a tie score for the last two candidates the system will decide who gets to be governer by comparing their wellness, the one with the most wellness will win. Once you become governor you will have acces to a special interface , to acces that interface click on the link placed on the lower side of each page called “Government” .

There you will be able to review any laws that you wish to promote/propose. Keep in mind that for a law to pass the voting procces, it needs to be voted by at least 5 governors and to have more people voting in favour of the law then against it. To promote laws go to the Government page link / pass laws section, there you will find listed all the laws you can propose.  Laws can only be voted by governors or by the elected president , the president vote will count as 5 governor votes. Each promoted  law will be under scrutiny for a period of 24 hours, during this time the governors and the president can submit their vote, if after 24 hours have passed the votes in favour are greater then those against that law will pass and it’s effects will begin immediatly.

A governor or president can’t resign their office , they may choose not to participate in the voting proccess of laws but they will be stuck in the government until the next elections.To see the laws being proposed go to Presidency & Government/Legislation , there you will find listed all the laws waiting to be passed/rejected, you can comment on them , and you can also see how each governor voted.

There’s a lot to say about politics in Anno1777  , just like in the real world politic is messy , with power comes responsability and there will always be people trying to use that power for their own personal gain. Pass a law to raise taxes or vote for yourself a big salary and people will probably hate you for it , it’s not easy being a governor so choose wisely.


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