Everyone knows that advertising is the soul of commerce in the real world. And of course the same thing happens in the virtual world. Firstly please note that the external advertising is STRICTLY forbidden. You can only advertise virtual products. There are three types of advertising in ANNO1777. The first one is advertising directly on the site through the advertising inserted on the right side, the second one is advertising in the private magazines from the game and he third one is advertising byway of personal signatures.

Advertising on site

Advertising directly on site is the most direct and efficient form of advertising. You can buy spots which will appear on the right side. This type of advertising can be directioned to certain countries. It\’s advertising with payment per click. You can buy minimum 100 clicks. It\’s about unique visitors every 24 hours. This means that if a player clicks 10 times on your spot, you will be charged only for one click. To buy advertising, go to heading Advertising and fill in the form. There are 6 available advertising spots which are shown in the order of the offered price for a click. To determine exactly how much you should offer for a click so as your advertising could be visible, go to the tab Active Spots. There you have the list of spots which already exist and the price offered by the player. Payment of advertising is made in EURO. After purchase, the advertisings should immediately roll on in the established country. You can see the status of your advertising spot on heading My Spots. Also from here you can change the price offered per click.

Advertising in magazines

At the end of each article, there are two advertising spots, of which the owner is the magazine. The ones who rent these sports will pay towards the magazine the money for the advertising. Payment is also made per click. To see the list of available spots go to heading Sports Magazines. Also here you will find data regarding the number of clicks registered by the magazine in the last 24 hours. Payment is made in GOLD and the price cannot be modified. The advertising will automatically roll until the requested number of clicks is reached. Once the advertising is launched, it can NO longer be suspended. To see the status of purchased advertisings in the magazine, go to heading Advertising / My Spots / Magazine Spots.

Advertising made by way of personal signatures

Each day thousands of comments are posted. At the end of each comment there is a link. That link is established by the player. That link bears the name of the signature and represents a form of advertising. The more active you are and the more comments you make, the more frequently your signature will appear. Signatures can be also rented. Payment is made only in GOLD and the payment system is also made per click. To see the list of purchased signatures, go to heading Advertising / My Spots / Signatures.


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