200.000 reasons to play ANNO1777

Written by ANNO1777 Team on 03, May, 2012

Build a virtual empire and transform profit into real money We assume many of you questioned this quotation from Anno1777 but we are delighted to let you know that many people have managed to earn money from this online game .

Is no longer a question wether Anno1777 is making payments or not, the real question is how much did Anno1777 pay by now to its players.

We proudly inform you that we have paid 200,000 euros to the players and only in the last 5 months around 100,000 euros and we will continue to do so . On the main page of our website you can always see the last payments we have made, the top payments and the top players.

Anno1777 also is between 10,000 the most visited websites in the world and there are millions of them out there.

Our game is growing each day and so is our team. We listen to our players and we try to improve as we go by. We will never be able to please everyone but we are trying all the time to make Anno1777 a better game , hold harmony into our comunity and play straight by the rules thanks to cashtrusted.com

We thank you for being part of Anno1777 and we wish you good luck on earning more money.


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